Attack of the killer cucumbers

Well okay that title may be a bit misleading. The cucumbers didn't exactly kill anyone, but picking all of them and bringing them back to the house was killer on our backs..!

I’ll leave the numbers till Monday, but look at what Mr. Pickles and I found.

I think we have picked all of them out there and shouldn’t be getting many more. But what should I do with all of these cucumbers. I was able to sell two ice cream buckets full, but that didn’t put much of a dent in Oh well we will have to start eating!

Yesterday was a canning free day. I think I may can whole tomatoes this evening. I would really like to make tomato sauce, but all my recipes call for 30lbs and I don’t have that many! The whole tomatoes can become anything when it comes time to use them. So it should all work out in the end.

Happy Saturday Everyone!


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