Preserving Tuesday

First off Happy Anniversary to my amazing husband! It seems like I should still be planning for the wedding and here it is 3 years later. Good thing I planted a smaller garden back then or might not have been able to show up for the wedding!

This week was another slow week for canning. I lost my motivation somewhere and cannot seem to find it! Also only having one burner to can Oh well my list of things to preserve is getting smaller so I am happy with that.

On the 9th I made a batch of canned whole tomatoes in tomato juice. I think they turned out pretty good. One jar didn’t seal, but I will use it this month so that wasn’t too bad. The only thing I hate about canning them in tomato juice is that you have to process them for 90mins...too long for me; however, I prefer them this way than using just water.

On the 11th I made another batch of salsa. I only got 8 500ml this time and half a 250ml. I felt like I had more tomatoes this time and ended up with less jars than the time before. Sometimes canning makes me think too much!

Last night I made crab apple butter for the 1st time ever. The recipe said to leave the seeds in and then after cooking just puree in a food processor. The whole time they were cooking I was this going to be full of seed and taste like crapapple butter I processed 1 scoop and figured I wasn’t going to be happy with that. So I brought out the food mill. It worked great! It kept out the seeds and skins and left me with wonderful puree. After I added the rest of the ingredients and gave it a taste and guess what it was pretty darn amazing. Tasted like apple pie in a jar. I don`t even like apple pie and still thought it was good.

Let’s see what is left on my list of things to make
Tomato sauce- I think I may just make my usual tomato sauce and freeze. I don`t see why that wouldn`t be okay. If it is a no no please let me know!
Crabapple fruit- I have a lot of crabapples so I may give this a try. I may just freeze some apples too.
Roasted Cherry tomatoes
Peach Zucchini jam
 That is about all I can think of right now I am sure there will be more later...oh no!!


  1. Congrats on your 3rd Anniversary! We just had our 3rd one too!

    It looks like you have been one busy canner!!

  2. Once you take those rings off , then you will know if your jars are really sealed and what a bounty you will have...

  3. Robin- Thank you and a belated congrats to you!

    Gingerbreadhouse7-i always leave my ring on! I had no idea you could or should take them


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