Week 16

Oh I just hated waking up this morning and realizing it is September 1st already! Where the heck did summer go. I feel like stamping my feet in a tantrum saying NO NO NO!! Okay maybe I already did that, but you will never know...lol 

So here we are at week 16. Wow where did the time go.

Here are a couple pictures of the garden. The first picture is from east to west and the other from west to east. As you can see there are a few piles of debris that I am yet to clean up from harvesting...just pretend you don’t see it.

The past week had some good numbers which led to a few things ending their time in the garden.

The beans are officially done for the year. I was able to bring in 23lbs total and leave another 23 in the garden for waste. I still feel pretty ticked off at myself for that, but oh well.

The broccoli and Cauliflower are on their last legs. There are 2 more cauliflower in the garden and 4 more broccoli not including shoots. By the way aren’t broccoli shoots just the cutest thing.

 Week 16 marks my first harvest of corn. Just picked 2 cobs for lunch today.

 I will have to get out their later and see if anymore are ready. They look yummy. I just hope they are sweet. I usually leave them on too long and then we have 100 crappy cobs...Yeah 165 cobs last year to be exact. This year I only plant 1 row of corn and only half came up...phew!

I am happy to report that the tomatoes are still ripening as well speak! I am soo happy that I have one batch of salsa under my belt and that there will be more on the way.
I look a picture of one Roma plant, but after i picked all the nice ones off...lol

The Cherry tomatoes are still going crazy. I just wish more were ready at one time. I am eating them all before I have the chance to roast or dry them...lol

Everything else needs to be harvested soon. I just have to make room in the freezer and finish up my list of canning for the week and then i will be knee high in cucumbers, zucchini, carrots, tomatoes, onions, potatoes and more carrots...lol Oh well it’s a good thing!


  1. I can't believe that it's September. I am very unhappy :(

    Your garden looks great and seems like it has produced very well for you this year. Boy, I could use some of your cucumbers right now!

  2. I'm busy trying to ready for fall crops, what happened to Summer? ..boy those tomatoes look good.

  3. Summer when by way tooooo fast. Your garden and its bounty look fabulous.

  4. Robin-Fall sure is depressing! I would gladly send you some cucumbers what your address..lol

    Gingerbreadhouse7-Fall crops..you sure are lucky!

    Em-I agree with you summer is too short and winter is too long!


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