Whole lotta tomatoes

Today we are still in the middle of a September heat wave..Yeah here in Saskatchewan! I know isn't that just crazy, but sometimes it happens. The other day we had a daily record breaking temp of 34C. Last year we had a daily high of 15C on the same day so that is huge difference. They are calling for frost next week though so I better enjoy this weather while I can.

Last night I finally got around to canning whole tomatoes. I didn’t get as many as I would have liked since I can only get 5 tomatoes into each 500ml jar. However, I still got 8 jars. 

I am going to get out the ole turkey fryer tomorrow and see if I can get my canner that holds 1L jars in there and can some more. However, part of me still wants to try and make tomato sauce so we shall see..lol

I thought I would put in a little tutorial on how to blanch, peel and core tomatoes. I am sure most people know how to do that already, but this is the first year I am doing it the right way so I thought I would put this in here to remind myself for next year! The pictures are not the greatest. its just me with my phone and one clean hand..lol

First step is to get some tomatoes and wash them.

Next score an X into the bottom of each tomato before you put it the pot. This one a scored a little deeper for the picture

Place tomatoes into boiling water. I usually do 5-8 at a time. Boil tomatoes for about 30seconds or until skins start to break.

Remove from pot

Place into a cold water bath to stop the cooking.

Peel tomatoes. The skins should come off easily pull from the corners of the X you made

Final step core the tomato. Insert a paring knife around the stem end and cut around it and pop it out.

Then you can get all these babies on the stove to can.

I still have these beauties left and I am going to pick some more tonight. I think I shall make some more salsa!


  1. Lovely tomatoes! How many plants did you have?

  2. You are really going to enjoy those fresh canned tomatoes this winter! Nice job!

  3. Randomgardener-Thank you. I only planted 12 Roma and 2 cherry tomato plants this year. Last year I had late blight so I didn't want to plant too many.

    Robin-I agree! Last year I missed having canned tomatoes on hand and had to buy store bought...just not the same!


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