The Story of Zada

Boy oh Boy this month is just speeding by isn’t it. Oh well at least it means that winter is speeding by as well .Even if it doesn’t feel like it here is Saskatchewan! Last week we were greeting with unseasonably high temps around 4C and for the past few days we have been under a wind chill warning that has temperatures feeling like -40C. It is mighty cold out there today, but “they” say that it will be warming up a bit over the next week.

I wanted to have a nice little gardening post for today, but with -40C outside who the heck is thinking about gardening...not me!!

So I figured I would do a little post on my fur baby...Zada

Zada became part of our family by chance in October 2007. The teenage daughter of the next door neighbour of a lady I worked with was walking downtown when she saw a man kicking a wee puppy and throwing it around. She told the guy who she thought was drunk that he couldn’t do that to a puppy. He said it was a gift for his kid and it was pissing him off so he didn’t care what happened to it.He then proceeded to bang the puppy's head into a metal railing.

  The girl told the man she would take the puppy and likely because he was so drunk he said sure and threw the puppy at her. The girl then took the dog home; however since they already had 3 large dogs at home her mother said it couldn’t stay. The girl and her mother phoned the SPCA and they wouldn’t take the puppy since although a mutt she clearly had a bit of pit-bull in her. They tried another shelter and got the same answer, however they said they would take her and put her down. When my co-worker found this out she took the puppy only to find out that both her and her son were allergic! So they were desperately trying to find a home for the puppy or risked having to put her down.

At this time Mr. Pickles and I were not looking to get a dog, we both were dog lovers, but just didn’t want a dog at this time. When an e-mail went around at work I fell in love with the cute little puppy and I called Mr.P right away. He said no, but I eventually convinced him. At the end of my shift they brought the puppy to work and she was mine! When Mr.P got home from work that evening he didn’t know what to expect, but he too fell in love with the puppy right away and she loved him from that exact same moment and thus I lost my puppy...LOL

We looked though a baby name book and found the perfect name for her ZADA which means fortunate one and she was since twice she faced death and ended up with us! 

Now the first 6 months of her time with us were crazy. She was untrained and wild and oh so stupid! She chewed everything and pooped everywhere, but she was too little to put outside so in the porch she stayed. When she got a bit bigger we put her out in a chicken coop outback with a heat lamp, a warm kennel and lots of toys. When I got home from work the first time after that the live heat lamp cord was chewed up, as were the toys and the door and she was it was a constant struggle to get her back there and then we had to listen to howling for hours.

Finally we decided she was big enough to go to the farm with Mr. Pickles and from then on out she was a different dog. She listened, she learnt German, and she was very smart (when she wanted to be) and was just a pleasant dog to have around. She has the most personality out of any dog either of us has had and we love her to bits.

So there you go there is the story of Zada!


  1. What a lucky pup Zada is; thanks for sharing her story.

  2. They do have a way of paying you back for your kindness, don't they? Lucky Zada and lucky Mr. & Mrs. P. :-)

  3. How sweet. Give her a hug for me. She's a lucky little lady. :)

  4. What a wonderful story and I'm so glad you saved her! Sounds like the farm was the perfect place for her, I'm so glad you and Mr. P had patience with her in the beginning.

  5. She's so cute. I'm so glad she found her way to you. I think people who mistreat animals should have exactly the same thing done to them as they were doing to the animal - see how they like it.
    Also don't agree with banket assumptions about a breed. It's the trainer/owner, not the dog

  6. What a happy ending after such a sad start to her life.

  7. Lucky Zada! I don't understand how people can be so cruel to animals, but luckily there are good people out there (like you) who take those babies in. My newest dog, Bella, was an eviction dog and the owners never came to pick her up from the animal shelter. She was obviously abused because she's scared of everything, including the water dish. She's mine now and I just love her!


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