Its all in!!

YAHOOOO I am happy to report a few good things today. First of all my dad got good news from his doctor. There was NO NEW cancer on his CT scan last week. In addition to that both the nods and the tumor have shrunk. PRAISE BE TO GOD has been my mantra for today.

The second bit of good news is that the garden in finally all in. Yep ALL in...EVERYTHING... and it’s still May!!
Thursday I got in the cucumbers, 2 rows of green beans and 2 rows of soy beans. I also planted all of my flower pots

cucumbers planted at the top. Butternut and brussle sprouts planted at the bottom today

Friday it poured all day

Saturday the garden was still soaked

Sunday Mr. P helped me get in 7 rows of cabbage seedlings, 8 rows of tomato plants, 2 rows of Hungarian wax plants, and 3 rows on Jalapeno plants.

tomatoes and peppers

one of the larger roma plants...that i grew from seed!!

a few of the peppers in

cabbage planted on sunday
the blank space was planted on monday..see below :)

Monday I got in 2 rows on broccoli seeds, 2 rows on cauliflower seeds, 1 row purple kohlrabi, 1 row white kohlrabi, 1 row pak choi, 1 row Brussels sprout seedlings, 1 row cayenne pepper plants, 1 mix row of hot peppers, 1 row of eggplant plants, 1 row zinnias, 1 row marigold, 1 row nasturtiums. artichokes

soon to be flowers


 In the back garden I planted pumpkins and spaghetti squash,

Today I got in 3 Brandywine, 4 Manitoba, 2 early girl,  4 honeydew, 4 butternut, 1 row of marigolds, 1 row zinnias. I also started in on my antiweed campaign, but I shall show those pic on Thursday.

all the peppers and tomatos in


So there we go all planted!!!!!!


Also the flowers blog hop continues today my day to post is tomorrow
todays hosts are
May 28th

De Quiltborch ( she is up now)

Take care


  1. Huge garden Haley.....I am hoping to get ours in soon;we have more rain coming tomorrow night. It seems there is no end to it this year.

  2. YAY! Well done, looks great!

    Good news about your dad. Special hugs to him :-)

  3. Glad to hear that your dad is doing well. That must be a relief. And the garden looks fabulous.

  4. Hi!!!! Great news on your Dad!!!! Your garden is a work of art!!!! You sure did get a lot done!!!! Sounds like you will have some wonderful fresh vegetables!!!! Always best homegrown!!!!

  5. Great news about your dad! That garden is just so amazing...I'm so jealous because it's hard to grow anything here. :O)

  6. Such great, great news about your Dad! I know this is a tremendous relief for your family.

    The garden looks great! I'm looking forward to seeing the fruits of your labor!

  7. What a great day! Hugs and prayers to you and your family!

  8. That's great work! I'm terrible at gardening so I just look on in envy. LOL

  9. I'm so happy that your Dad got good news!
    I'm looking forward to seeing how your garden progresses!

  10. Oh great news for your dad! I cannot believe how much planting you got done! And your garden beds have such different soil colours from back to front. Winter has just begun here in Australia so i was out planting bulbs today. I am excited to find a gardening and quilting blogger like me.

  11. That is wonderful news on your dad! Very happy for you guys.
    Congrats on getting the garden all in. Looking forward to seeing all your bounty this year


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