Oh my! A whole week went by without a post!! Well I have a good reason for not posting. I have been out in the garden planting!

On Sunday Mr. P brought the tractor over and till the gardens for me. So much easier using the tractor/tiller than the ole walk behind tiller we use to use. Once the ground was ready to go I was itching to get started! Now I am sure most people would be able to get everything planted in one day. I am not that person; I would love to be able to do that. However, my health has me only able to plant for 2 hours a day before I have to go in with early signs of heat stroke.  Nonetheless, every little bit counts and I hope to have everything in by the week-end!

Okay I know the pictures below are going to just look like dirt with sticks..but there are things planted..LOL

Monday night Mr.P and I got the potato plot planted with 88 Norland Potatoes

We also got 2 rows of tenderlong carrots, and 2 rows on yellow onion sets planted before the mosquitoes got too bad and we had to go in.

On Tuesday I got 2 rows of red onions sets, 1 row pickling onion seedlings, 3 rows leek seedlings, and 1 row on green onion seedlings planted.

On Wednesday I got 1 row Detroit beets, 1 row Italian beets, 1 row gold beets, 2 rows easter egg radishes, 2 rows spinach, 2 rows lettuce, 3 rows peas, and 2 rows broad beans!

I got in a few more rows today and my flower baskets, but no pictures yet. One of the full hanging baskets fell on my head and I had to call it a day

I still have all of this to plant, plus the back garden!!

It doesn’t seem like a lot is a lot and I haven’t even started to really plant my seedlings yet. They are all still in here!!

lol forgot to flip the pic....seedlings in the green house

flowers and a few veggies

I also started a few more seedlings, red cabbage, Chinese cabbage, basil, chamomile and water melons.

So if you don’t hear from me in a few more days you can see why!!


  1. No it really does seem like a lot. I do my beds in little 4'x 8' rectangles. Your garden is huge.

  2. It is a lot!!! lol. We are still waiting for the cold rain to we can plough the garden up and get to the planting.

  3. Yay! Good luck with the growing season.

  4. You've been busy! We only have potatoes and onions done. It's supposed to freeze tonight and tomorrow so my seedlings have to wait for next week. Ma Nature is sure pokey slow...........

    1. oh no I hope it din't freeze on you. Last year we had a hard frost in late May I am hoping that doesn't happen this year!!

  5. Wow! Exactly how many square feet are you gardening anyway? We were short on onions last year. This year we dedicated an entire large bed. Hopefully we'll have enough to keep us through the winter. You certainly will.

    1. well the garden was 120x33 however I think it shrank a bit this year. I will have to go out and remeasure. Last year our onions didn't get very big so 200 lasted us until

  6. You really did get a lot done! It looks great, and with good luck and good weather you'll harvest a real bounty!

  7. What fun! Enjoy planting season


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