Soaking up the Sun

First of all I must wish the love of my life Mr.P a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! He is such an amazing friend and an exception husband who I am lucky to have in my life. So very happy that I get to spend today celebrating him!

Okay now on to other news......

Yesterday was the first day that all my seedlings made the trek from the basement to the great outdoors. It was a nice warm day with a good breeze, but overcast.  They all thoroughly enjoyed themselves and no one fell over or broke this time around!

Flowers and tomatoes

 Tomatoes, cabbage, pappers. After this photo I added a little more soil to keep those tomatoes from flopping around

Peppers and artichokes

Artichokes are dying :(


Last night a few of the trays that had been outside before got to spend the night in the greenhouse. They survived the night so they will continue to stay outdoors unless there is a risk of frost. I am still a little worried about leaving the tomatoes in the greenhouse over night, but I am thinking that after today everything will be staying out permanently now.

Mr.P will be tilling the garden for me on Sunday or Monday so in a few short days I am going to start planting the garden!! So very exciting as it seemed like I wouldn’t be planting at all this year due to all the snow we had!

Now my biggest worries will be that Mother Nature is nice to my plants, no wind storms, no hail, and just enough rain. Well that and I will have to be gone for 15 days in June. Mr.P will be here to tend to the garden, but I think I am going to miss a few yummy harvests!! We’ll see maybe I will plant a few things a bit later so I can still be around to enjoy them!

Okay off to check on the plants!! Have a great day


  1. Happy birthday Mr. Pickles! I hope you have a great day.

    Mrs. P., the plants look great! Well maybe not the artichokes, but I don't like those anyway ;-) Happy planting!

  2. Happy birthday to Mr P. hope there's lots of yummy cake.

    The seedlings are looking great. Have fun in the garden


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