Christmas QAL post 2

I never know if I should do one post and update it or just a new post for every update. Since I have A LOT of pictures I opted for a whole new post.

I have been sewing my sombrero off ( i did actually try to sew with it on and it is really heavy and well it doesn't work well with having to look down...LOL)

I got all my blocks sewn together...WOW I know!!!! 
It really didn't take that much time at all since I just had to sew one the one row.

 I have been playing with different layouts for the past hour. I still don't know which I like best and I am sure there are another 100 

I took these in my living room and had the blinds shut and didn't think to open them until  20mins had  

7 and a box of crackers since I was getting nauseous looking after looking at all these options 

I think this is just option 2 


Okay my brain in fried now...and I am still  no closer to picking which one I like best!
Sending out and SOS for help!!


  1. It took me about two weeks to decide on which of about a zillion layouts I liked the best, so I'm no help!

    Actually, I can think of a tip which did help me - the borders make all the difference (really bring it all together, or something), so I'd lay those out too.

  2. Wow, they all look good to me, it is a hard decision! I love the colors. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I agree with Hazel. Try to visualise each layout with the borders too, then you may find one jumps out at you. Otherwise, write the numbers on pieces of paper, put them in your sombrero and get someone to pull one out, and that's the one you go for. As far as I've found so far, there are about 32 possible layouts by the way.

  4. Well so I like option 5 but shift the X's in the middle row. So one is in the center! Bwahahahaha

  5. You are own your own with picking. I drove myself crazy deciding although I found all the possibilities amazing.

    Love your fabrics! Your quilt will be lovely.

  6. Those all look sweet! It will be a very pretty quilt! I liked 2 and 5 the most, but loved the others as well.

  7. ok so I will give my not professional opinion.....number 5, just the way it is.

    Good luck with whatever you choose.

    I'm stuck on #2 or #5 ... both are sooo pretty!!!

    Lovely job!!!


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