week 13

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September 11th

Week 13

The garden is finally starting to look...well...spent would be the best word. I feel like I just planted everything yesterday and here we are in the finally couple of weeks. We had our first frost warning on the night of the 7th. We were out at 11pm covering the tomatoes everything else was left to fend for itself.

Here is the main garden

The onions are now all pulled and drying

The kohlrabis are done as are the cabbage. I might get a few more cauliflower and broccoli if the weather holds out.

The turnips all went in the trash
The Hungarian wax peppers are ready to harvest. Has anyone tried drying these? I recently used some HWP seasoning and loved it. Which is why I grew them, however I cannot seem to find anything online that says it works well. I may just pickle them

We started digging out potatoes.  Not huge numbers, but still quite a bit.

The lettuce and spinach are done with as well and the green beans have been pulled.

The tomatoes are continuing to ripen even though some of the plants are dying

The eggplants are just starting to flower and there is one little eggplant. I don’t think they are going to make it.

The Brussels sprouts are just starting up too. The poor plants are bug bitten and small. I guess I am going to have to start the seeds in January instead of March.

I went to pull out the pepper plants and looks what I found. Now the picture is upside down...but those are green pepper..what the heck..lol

The new garden has gone wild. I don’t think there are any pumpkins in there. 

However I have found a few spaghetti squash. Mr.P hates squash so just a few should be good enough for us.

The frost hit the pumpkins

The patio garden is doing well. I am going to have to start bringing in herbs to dry. The early girl tomato is still producing nice sweet tomatoes, but they are not very big. The mystery cherry tomatoes are very good and I just love having them right by the door. Every time I go outside I pick a few and eat them right there. It’s not good for harvest Monday numbers; however I haven’t had one split one yet.

So that is where everything is. As I said the garden in spent and well so am I. Now the real canning fun will start....:)


  1. It's a shame your garden hasn't been as productive as you'd hoped. But at least it's winding down at the same time as you.

  2. I'm ready for my garden to take a rest so I can. Not happening. We actually had a really cold night (not nearly freezing though), but our temps are heading back up for the rest of the week. I guess I should be happy that the garden is still in full production, but....I'm tired!

  3. Enjoyed coming upon your blog through The Needle and Thread Network blog. I'm also in SK and our garden was touched by frost the other night as well. We picked all the tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, zucchini and the cukes and our basement floor is covered. Canning season time is right!

  4. I just love seeing all your garden produce - but I'm extremely jealous! blessings, marlene

  5. Can't wait to hear about your adventures in canning! That is something I want to try...right after I plant my first garden :)

  6. Wow frost already. I suppose we have been in the 40Fs at night so it shouldn't be too surprising. Where I grew up we would get snow in September occasionally.


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