Thursdays Kitchen Cupboard 20/09/2012

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September 20th

I was able to get a little bit of preserving done this week which makes me quite happy. I was really feeling like I wasn’t getting much put away for winter, but after the past week I am feeling a little better about that.

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After getting some new flour I had a bit of a baking day on Saturday. I made my zucchini bread which was heavy as heck, but quite yummy. I plan to make a few more loaves and freeze them for later.
forgot to take a picture when it looked nice and yummy...this little bit is all that is

I also made 2 loafs of Swiss farmers bread. It was pretty darn great too. However, I should have turned the 2 huge loaves into Oh well live and learn right. One is already gone and the other is in the freezer.

I finally had enough ripe tomatoes to make my first batch of salsa. I was a little runnier that I would have liked and a little hotter, however I think it will still taste pretty darn great. I was able to get 8 500ml jars

I also decided to freeze just about all of the cauliflower and broccoli that I showed you on Monday. I should have enough now to get us though a few months.
last night I picked the remainder of my broad beans, blanched and froze them. I just made 1C bags this time and will use them in soups 

Today's plan is to can some bruschetta and maybe get a bit of sewing done :)

My list of things that I still need to can/freeze this year are
Tomato sauce 40
Whole tomatoes 30
Salsa 16
Taco Sauce 10
Beets- might just freeze these

Much smaller than last year, but still quite a bit!

Have a great day


  1. It looks like you have been busy. I hope to get some celery frozen next week. I might even can some onions. I hope so.

  2. You sure have been busy! Looks great!

  3. You'll have to give us your recipe for French Farmer's Bread! Do you use a starter for it?

  4. Your salsa looks great all bottled up and ready for the pantry....I am only just nursing along my tomato seedlings ready to be planted out in about 6 weeks time so I'm along way off from making any sauces.
    Swiss farmer's bread sounds interesting..............

  5. Mmmm, salsa... Ok, now I want to make some nice bubbling enchildas. Too bad I have none if the ingredients in the house.

    The swiss bread sounds good. Care to share a recipe?

  6. You got 100% more put up for the winter than me. Good job!!


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