FNSI results 22/09/2012

Handmade by Heidi

Yesterday I got in a wee bit of sewing. I had a lot more planed however we ended up having to go to the city to pick up family from the airport....which didn’t end up happening because they missed their plane and I guess they had already asked someone to pick them up. It’s always nice when you try to do something nice and instead be made out to be idiots. But enough about that...I’m over it...lol..no really I am...lol

So what did I get done?
I finished the extra two blocks for the wonky bee. The last block I made isn’t very wonky though..lol

I also spent time working on my 2011BOM and got one flower started I now have 2 done....lol

I spend the remainder or my time drawing out what I am planning to make for the Leafs me happy fall blog hop. Keep in mind I CANNOT DRAW...so it has made for some interesting pictures. I am planning one appliqué piece and maybe a little table runner. I post my results on the 2nd of October so I better get a move on that!

I hope everyone else had a great FNSI


  1. You get a lot more sewing done than I ever seem to. I find sewing rather relaxing...unless I am trying to put together little tedious pieces for a quilt block. I am just not tenured enough yet. Weekend Bliss...

  2. your blocks look great! love those holiday prints!

  3. Cute blocks, they look great :) I really enjoy your Blog, I am a new follower!!!

    -Cambrie http://acreativeblonde.blogspot.com/

  4. Love all of your blocks, wonky or not wonky. :) Great Christmas fabrics, too. Great FNSI! xo

  5. Love your wonky blocks. I can't do wonky (unless I'm unintentionally doing it). I'm just anal, I guess. Great FNSI result despite the mixup with travel arrangements eating into your time.


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