Harvest Monday 10/09/2012

The garden is slowly starting to come to a close. There is still quite a bit to harvest, however the numbers are not a big as I would like them to be. I was really hoping to hit 1000lbs this year. However, without Saskatoon’s, crab-apples, pumpkins, sweet potatoes and turnips I don’t think I am going to be close!

I am linking up with Harvest Monday over at Daphne’sDandelions.

This week I had a modest harvest

Cucumbers were 3.23kg

 Carrots 475g

Hungarian wax peppers 437g 

Roma tomatoes 2.29kg

We dug up 2 rows of Norland potatoes and got 44.036kg

I also weighed my onions since they are now ready to braid. They came in at 9.36kg 

Only one Zucchini which was 475g and  not pictured

Weekly Total 60.303kg or 132.9 lbs

Grand total 176.067kg or 388lbs
Basil 2g
Radish 5.26 lbs or 2.537
Lettuce 4.4935kg
Spinach 2.172 kg
Early Girl TOMATO 629g
Chives 85g
Rhubarb 2.33kg
Cherries 4.5kg
Cabbage 18.07kg
Pak choi 155g
Zucchini 18.579kg
Cucumbers 24.719
Peas 1.740kg
Broccoli 2.964kg
Cauliflower 12.316kg
Broad Beans 6.320kg
Purple Kohlrabi 2.552kg
White kohlrabi 3.552kg
Green Bean 2.083kg
Golden beats 4kg
Chioggia beets  93g
Detroit Beets 1.217
Yukon gold Potato 548g
Norland Potato 44.036kg
Hungarian Wax Peppers 514g
Leeks 103g
Roma Tomato 4.314kg
Tenderlong carrots 437g


  1. I would say that nearly 400 lbs. of produce is quite an accomplishment! Congratulations!

  2. Wow - your week was more than my year! Hoping that our fall onions and potatoes will help boost the number though.

  3. Great harvest! Wow-that's quite a lot you've gotten so far. You must be quite happy!

  4. Wow! How long will that last you? Do you can/freeze/pickle most of it? Very impressive!

  5. Your modest harvest looks like enough for at least several delicious meals!

  6. It looks like your garden did well this year in spite of everything! Your onions look great. Mine were just horrible this year.

  7. Wow - that's quite the wonderful list of produce from your garden!

  8. Still you have a wonderful harvest! Almost 100 pounds of potatoes, great job!

  9. Great harvest this week. Most of what you are harvesting is all over for me. I did get one cuke last week, but mostly they are all dead. Ditto for the onions. OK well they aren't really dead. They are stored.

  10. Looks like things are doing pretty well to me. I am yet to get a cauliflower but have a couple heading up nicely right now. We are getting much cooler weather also.


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