Week 14/15

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September 18th


These past two weeks there were frost warnings not once but three times with temperatures feeling like -4C. The days have been cool and for almost a whole week had winds at 95km/h . By the start of week 15 there was still the risk of frost, but the days were quite warm. This usually leaves me playing the should I shouldn’t I game with the garden. Should I pick everything or let it ripen on the plant. Should I cover as much as I can or just risk it? This especially rings true with the tomatoes. 

On Sunday night we had the first real frost where it didn’t just feel like -4C it was -4C. I covered the tomatoes since I was feeling too unwell to bring them in. I saved the tomatoes, but as you will soon see nothing else really survived!

Here is the main garden at week 15. 

As you can see it looks burnt out. I have picked just about everything. All the remains are the carrots, beets, broad beans, a few onions, some tomatoes and of course the potatoes. Everything else got frost bite and is dead or dying

The new garden is done too. Look at everything....dead..... My spaghetti squash didn’t have a chance to ripen. They are a good size, but green. Since the vines are dead I will bring them in today and hope for the best.

The pumpkins are not doing much better either. The plant is dead and all of the pumpkins are still too immature. There would have been some nice ones though. This makes me very sad.

The patio garden has moved into the garage and I will be harvesting the herbs in the next day of two.

So there you go the garden is pretty well done for the year.


  1. Wow your garden is done and I was planting seed last week. It was quick maturing Asian greens. They like cold and only take a month or so, but still. We have been positively balmy compared to you.

  2. Bummer. Maybe Mr Frost decided you needed a break from gardening

  3. Boy, you sure do have a short growing season!! Well, at least you won't have to worry about the garden much anymore!!

  4. Wow, you have the shortest growing season that I know of. I hope you at least enjoyed what you were able to produce.


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