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First of all I would like to thank everyone who stopped by yesterday for the dots on dots blog hop. Your kind comments just made my day. Today`s hosts are:
September 14th

Since I was taking part in the Dots on Dots blog hop yesterday I was unable to post my Thursdays kitchen cupboard I am doing it today `J I am still linking up with Thursdays kitchen cupboard over at The gardener of Eden.

This past week there was not a lot going on in the kitchen, but enough that I am going to post about

The cucumbers are slowing down and I decided to make one last batch of Spilt Dill pickles. They are just so easy to make and really taste great so I used up a good portion of cukes to get 8 jars.

I also dried my Hungarian wax peppers. It took a lot longer than I thought it would. I ended up with just a wee bit to show for it; however, it tastes pretty good. It is such a mild pepper that there isn`t much heat, but just enough to give soups or sauces a little zing. 

I also shredded up my 3kg zucchini and was going to turn it into Zucchini bread. However, when I went to get my flour I noticed a little bug in the first cup i took out. I thought oh well a wee little bug picked it out and poured it in the mixer. When I dug out the next cup I noticed something moving.....a little maggot! I went back and looked at the flour I had poured in the mixer and it was ALL MOVING full of bug.....YUCK!!! So I of course tossed everything in the mixer along with the whole 10kg bag of flour. Unfortunately I had already shredded the zucchini so I had to freeze it until I bought some more flour. I plan on trying again today....once it is thawed out that is...LOL
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  1. Oh I hate that. I keep my flour and a lot of other things in airtight containers so that doesn't happen. A few years ago I couldn't figure out where the current infestation was coming from and couldn't get rid of it. Then I found out it was the dog biscuits. One of the few things that wasn't in an airtight container. Then it was easy to deal with.

  2. Yup, that's what I was going to say. It's annoying to have to repackage stuff but there you have it. I found buggies near where I keep the dog biscuits. They're also repackaged but just in a container that's hard to crawl into. Perhaps that's not good enough. Of course, DH doesn't put the lid back on most of the time either. That would certainly help.

  3. I get these wee bugs in rice all the time and they spread to anything that has flour in it. Even packaged goods. They are miniscule so they are hard to see. At first I thought they were mini ants. I figure they must come in the rice???? Now I have everything in air tight containers. When I buy packaged stuff I put it in the large size seal-able baggies. Such a pain but it seems to have stopped them:) I keep my flour in the fridge which is probably a no-no. Oh well:)

  4. I hate that when you get bugs in the dry goods! I've never had them like that though! I bet it was disgusting.

    Your pickles look great and I love the idea of drying that variety of pepper. I have never thought of drying them.

  5. A friend of mine that grinds her own wheat says that you actually should keep your flour in the fridge. It stays fresh that way. I certainly do not have room in there for the flour. I hope you read this Mary Ann.

  6. Mmm, pickles.

    Yuck on the crawlies though. I think you got hit with the most disgusting kind

  7. How frustrating! I had little bugs a few times. A friend of my told me to place several bay leaves in all my cupboards. Since doing that I've had no trouble, even in the cupboard that holds 3 types of dog food in their original bags (that we often forget to roll closed). Maybe that will help. The pickles look amazing! Where did you get the recipe?


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