Harvest Monday 24/09/2012

This past week we had a couple of days of frost that really put an end to the growing season. Nonetheless, the harvest keeps rolling in. I am linking up with harvest Monday over at Daphne's Dandelions

 I picked as many tomatoes as I could and have been continuing to cover them when the frost warning comes out. This is what I have brought in so far.

I have only been about to weigh the three small boxes and the total has come to. 20.169kg I will weigh the rest later.

I went and picked as many spaghetti squash as I could. This is what I was able to save 25.7kg None of them are ripe, but I am hoping that they will still survive. There are about another 10+ out in the garden, but either the frost got them or they are too immature.
they might not be mature but they all weighed around 

I also picked the last of the broad beans and got 2.250kg

The frost helped to uncover the hiding zucchini. We found 10.789kg

We also dug up another 2 rows of potatoes and got of norland and of Yukon gold, but I haven’t weighed them yet

Weekly Total 58.871 or 129.7lb
Grand total 250.671 or 552.6lb
Basil 2g
Radish 5.26 lbs or 2.537
Lettuce 4.4935kg
Spinach 2.172 kg
Early Girl TOMATO 629g
Chives 85g
Rhubarb 2.33kg
Cherries 4.5kg
Cabbage 18.07kg
Pak choi 155g
Zucchini 33.567kg
Cucumbers 26.536kg
Peas 1.740kg
Broccoli 5.187kg
Cauliflower 14.763kg
Broad Beans 8.57kg
Purple Kohlrabi 2.552kg
White kohlrabi 3.552kg
Green Bean 2.083kg
Golden beats 4kg
Chioggia beets  93g
Detroit Beets 1.217
Yukon gold Potato 548g
Norland Potato 44.036kg
Hungarian Wax Peppers 514g
Leeks 103g
Roma Tomato 28.982kg
Tenderlong carrots 947g
Spaghetti squash 25.7kg


  1. It looks like you got some nice harvests this week. It is so sad that your season is almost done.

  2. Mrs. P lots of tomatoes. Makes my 35 pounds look small. I have quit covering. If what is left out there freezes so be it.

  3. ditto "wow"!! I learned this year, that if you fertilize with chicken poop, you'd better plant stuff a lot further apart, A LOT! If you don't, nothing really grows fruit. It's all working too hard to get sun.

    And I didn't use much of this fertilizer. Boy, does it work!

  4. I can't get over your garden and how much yumminess it produces! Wow!

  5. An amazing harvest! Our garden did extremely well this year too, especially the tomatoes. We'll be getting all the carrots out this week to put in peatmoss and store in the coldroom. Are yours out yet?


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