Spinach is Ready!

As I said yesterday the spinach is ready to start harvesting. I thought it would take a lot longer and now it seems that I should have starting clipping a bit sooner. Some of the leaves were the size of my hand, however all my books said not to starting harvesting until there are at least 6 large leaves. Some plants only had a few huge leaves and others had some new growth. I have 2 half rows and I think that may mean we are going to be eating a lot of spinach in this house. Luckily I find that very exciting and cannot wait to create new recipes and try a few from my cook books.

 I clipped about 20 leaves and thought I would make myself a nice little salad.

First spinach harvest!!

Problem with that I idea is that I didn't have any other fresh veggies on hand to toss in...and although just a spinach and toasted pecan salad with a little whole mustard dressing would have been okay. It wasn't quite what I wanted. So I decided to make mini quiches...lol. I know its 30+ out there today and we do not have air conditioning, but I decided to start up the oven anyhow. I wasn't sure how everything was going to turn out. I have made what I call ham and Swiss tartlets before and I decided that would be a good base to add the spinach too. I went online to see if I should blanch the spinach before I added it to the mixture and got mixed information. Some places said it was a must to avoid soggy quiches and others just said to layer the spinach and put the mixture on top....But I decided to live on the edge and just chop up about 8 leaves and added to the mixture....and let me tell you they are soooooo yummy!! Can't wait for the hubby to get home to try them! Okay they looked a lot better in person.....not a food photographer here...and I am just using my phone to take the pics. But still very yummy

Spinach and Ham tartlets

Spinach and Ham Tartlets

1c Emmenthal Cheese, shredded
1c Gruyere Cheese, shredded
1c spinach, chopped
2/3c ham, finely chopped
1/3c Sour Cream
1/2c Whipping Cream
3 Egg Yolks
Salt and pepper to taste
24 frozen unbaked tart shells

Combine cheeses, spinach, ham, sour cream, whipping cream, and egg yolks.Mix well. Add salt and pepper. Place empty tart shells on a large baking sheet. Bake and 375F for 10mins.

Remove from oven. Divide cheese mixture evenly among the shells. Return to oven and bake 10mins longer of until filling is hot and cheese is melter.

Allow to cool slightly before serving.


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