Week Two

The weather was still a little cool this week and so far nothing has come up. I am not too worried yet since just about everything needs at least 14 days to germinate.

On the week end my Aunt was nice enough to give me a huge box of strawberries. I planted them by my cucumbers in what is going to become my strawberry/raspberry patch. I did not have the patience to plant each and every shoot so I just grabbed a handful and planted whatever chose to come along. Not exactly the best way to do it I am sure.....but it worked for me. I ended up with two rows of 8. So now I just have to keep the birds away and I just might be able to make fresh strawberry jam this year!
I read online that putting water bottles in your strawberry patch scares away the birds. I do not think that is true though since I am catching the birds sitting on top of the bottles...lol Might have to invest in some wire.

My hubby was able to till the back section of the garden for me so i was able to finish planting. I did 2 rows of red spuds and one row of Yukon gold. Its not a lot, however our taters always get scabs(which are still okay to eat) and they never seem to keep long enough. My mother in law plants a lot more so if we run out we can always steal a few from her. I am using her seed potatoes this year too sooo lets hope they are better than Walmart...lol I was hoping to plant purple and fingerling potatoes this year. However, every place i checked had caught blight in both of those varieties...so maybe next year!

After planting the potatoes I thought that I would be out of room, however that was not the case. I was able to plant 2 rows of wild flowers, one row of Zinnias and Dahlia and a row of marigolds! I did have veggie seeds left over so I could have planted more.....but then it would be way more than I could handle so flowers it was. I did end up with one row of nothing so I seeded some more lettuce and spinach...I also ended up buying some watermelon radishes and 2 cherry tomato plants.....Which brings the grand total to 25 rows!

My parents are going to try and come out once a week to help with the weeds and my hubby always helps too. Which makes things A LOT easier for me. It took a lot to keep the garden up when I was healthy and now that I am not the extra help takes some of the stress away. It makes me feel bad that people have to give up their time to help me do something that I really don't need to do. I am trying to work through that though.

Week 2 all 25 rows planted


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