Week Five

This week started off a wee bit soggy...yet again. I have been trying to weed for the past week and every time the garden semi dries out it starts to rain again. I think God is trying to tell me that I do not need to weed this year..lol I wish it was that easy.  Luckily it is not at the point where the weeds are over taking anything.

Today I figured that everything was as dry as it was going to get and with the call for more rain this week I knew that I had to get my ass in the garden asap! I took my cute baby tiller (which has been named Phylis Tiller by my dad...lol) out the garden and lucky me I couldn't get the stupid thing to start again. However, I knew it worked so I just kept trying and trying. Taking a few breaks to catch my breath in between and YAHOO the little bugger started! I was a little throttle happy to begin with and wasn't sure how fast to walk, but I was making straight rows. I am sure my neighbours wondering what the hell I was doing going fast slow too fast fast slow, but I tried not to think about that. I was a total idiot starting such a labour intensive task at 4pm when the sun was beating down on me and I have no heat tolerance this year. By the time I had done 2 rows with 4 passes a row I was done health wise. However, I kept going for another 23 rows!! I know I know what was I thinking. When I started seeing spots and noticed a rash starting on my arms I figured I better get my ass inside and cool down. Just in case I wasn't a big enough dork after about 30mins I semi cooled off and went back outside. I don't know what I was thinking, but I got the rest of the garden done. Granted it took me another 10mins to start the damn thing again and I had to go back in the house twice to hydrate....but its done.
Now I just have to weed between the plants....I think I hate that part the most. You have to get down on your hands and knees and fight off the red ants and mosquitoes picking little bitty weeds...lol Oh well I am going to try and just do a row a day. I know I said the same thing about the tilling...but I think tilling is just a wee bit easier...and I actually liked it....and still have both feet..lol

Freshly tilled garden

Everything is officially up. The carrots are a little sparse so I hope that the rest are on their way or well not sure what I will do. I guess if nothing is up in the next two weeks I may plant something else to keep the weeds down, but I will think more about that later.
My tomato plants have stretched like crazy in the past week and I think it is time to remove them from their pop bottle supports and place on the tomato cages. The cabbages are already starting to get eaten..so I had to "dust" them. I didn't want to have to do that, but it seems like the only way to keep the bugs away. The lettuce and spinach are the other rows that have peeked my interest. The spinach is starting to get leafy and I think we may be able to have our first feast with in the week. The lettuce is a little strange looking. Its a mixed blend so its hard to tell what is lettuce and what is weeds...should be interesting either way...maybe.
Tomatoes wanting a bit more space

In other news the humming birds are back. Perhaps they never left. I took down the feeders to be cleaned about a week ago and have not gotten around to putting them back out. However, after today's sighting I am just waiting for my sugar water to cool so they can go back out.
This year we have a few woodpeckers in the yard. They are cute to look at and hardly ever drum in our yard. We do have 2 30+ year old trees that have fallen down this year....but I do not think the two are connected.
Our yard is full of goldfinches this year, but they are not eating out of our feeder. Not sure why. They were feeding like crazy in late spring and then just stopped, the seed level hasn't changed in a month, but the little buggers are in the trees beeping all day...strange.


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