Week Three

At the beginning of this week I was getting a little be scared that nothing was going to come up. Even the radishes were not up and they only take 7 days max to start peeking out of the ground. A few more days of heat and by Wednesday almost everything was up! It is just amazing how that works.
A little hard to see but most of the rows are starting to grow

The well has a lot of water this year so keeping everything well watered is not as much of a chore this year. Walking up and down the rows with the hose is a lot easier than carrying watering cans from the rain bins to the garden and back. I think after 5 years i finally have my watering pattern down. I just try to water the rows that have things planted in them in hopes that helps cut down on the weeds. We do have a sprinkler or two that I could use but the time it takes to move that around the garden I could have everything watered!

I was able to plant two raspberry plants next to my strawberries. I don`t know if that is good or not but i couldn`t find anything in my books that said NO so i did it. We have one yellow and one red. They both have a lot of blooms...so i might even be able to make raspberry jam too.

All the fruit trees in the yard are in full blooms too and it smells wonderful out here.
We bought 2 apple trees to add to our already well established crab apple and Saskatoon trees. I put them near the garden to help block our view of the neighbours. So I not only hope that they grow big and bushy i also hope they produce some apples!

My parents came out and helped me weed. There was hardly anything to weed though which made things a lot nicer. My dad was able to put together my mini tiller that I bought and showed me how to use it. It was a little scary but I think it is going to make things a lot easier for me. Instead of killing my self over doing things by hand i can just walk up and down the rows and let the tiller do all the hard work. I am going to  have to practice at staying in a straight line...but as long as i dont till over any veggies I think I will be happy. Now I just have to stop thinking that I am going to cut my feet off and every thing will be okay..lol

Week 3 Raspberries and Strawberries are the 2nd row. The water bottles are for the birds
I was also able to plant all my pots this week. So I am officially ready to just sit back and enjoy summer.


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