Week Four

Its hard to believe that the garden has been in for a whole month already! Summer is going by way to fast for me!

The week started off hot and very dry and I had gotten behind in my watering so I spent an hour and a half watering then garden only to get back in the house before the skies opened up and it rained and it rained and you guessed it more rain. It rained for almost 48hours straight. So now the garden is a bit water logged. However, if the weather keeps up like this a few really hot days followed by rain I think I would be quite happy. We have an old well in our yard that has a pump set up to it. So once I get the pump up and running I just use the hose to go up and down the rows. I think this helps cut down on weeds since the whole garden is not getting watered, but it is more time consuming. As long as the mosquito spray is heavily applies it is not that bad though. It give you a good close up view of what is growing, needs more or less water and what needs to be weeded.

I haven't done any work in the garden since last Wednesday when I unsuccessfully tried to till with the new tiller. I was convinced that I had broken it only to be proved wrong by my husband that started it on the first try and the proceeded to ask me what was wrong with it.....lol Oh well i guess I am just weak. I hope that everything dries out and I can give it a try later on this week. I am still a little afraid that somehow I am going to loose a foot or arm, but I am going to try anyhow..lol

I think everything is finally up. my Dad assured me that everything was indeed up. However, I have to go and check the carrots since they take about 85days to fully mature and I think it is just the weeds that are up and in a nice little row. All admit I haven`t even walked out to the garden since it started to rain. From the kitchen window everything looks like it has stretched, especially the cabbage. I didn`t think they were going to make it, but the appear to be.

My flower pots are starting to come along as well. I have had them in the garage for the past three days since the rain was just to heavy. This is the time of year that that find every other day I am dragging everything in cause it is raining, too windy or might hail and then taking them all out the next morning only to have to repeat the process again. Its a wee bit inconvenient and a lot of hard work, but it beats having to buy more flowers.

A few years ago we had a horrible hail storm. I was able to save most of my pots, but the majority of the garden was ruined. Its hard to put in all that work to have it vanish in seconds. Nonetheless, better the garden gone then the house!

All my trees have stopped blooming. By the looks of it I am going to get a bumper crop of crab apples and Saskatoon. I`m still not sure if the new apple trees are going to fruit this year, but we shall see.
My rhubarb is currently flowering, which I have never seen before and reminds me that I am going to have to Google that.

In other news my dad and I are going to try our hands at making sausage and or salami.....hopefully sometime in the next year. It should be interesting and yummy! I`ll keep you posted


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