Thursday May 26th -week one

This year I decided that I was going to plant a smaller garden....however that didn't seem to happen..

Luckily for me my parents and husband are helping me out quite a bit. My Dad tilled and My mom came out and helped me plant most of the garden. This year we also planted some "wild" flowers and sunflowers to help use up some space and make it a little prettier. If they help keep the grass from growing in and the weeds from taking over I wont complain.

In just a few short hours we were able to plant 2 rows of cucumbers ( a far more practical number than the 6 rows last year), 2 rows of peas, Green beans, purple beans, peaches and cream corn, 12 Roma tomatoes, radishes, carrots, purple carrots, mixed lettuce, spinach, beets, 4 cabbage, kohlrabi, leeks, garlic, and onions!! All that and there is still room for more. Some things we only planted half rows since even half a row may be more than I can eat!

We used the amazing row markers that my Dad made for me and I think we were able to keep everything straight or at least we decided it was good enough!


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