Hello again! See posting two days in a row I am officially back on track.

Fall has officially moved into Saskatchewan. The nights are on the minus side of zero and the days are usually in single digits. On Wednesday we were oh so lucky and had our first snowfall of Fall.....YUCK. Luckily it was all melted by late afternoon; however it felt way too soon to wake up to white!

The leaves didn’t have much time to change in our yard one day they were green the next day yellow and on the ground..lol One of these years they are going to have to stay on the trees long enough so I can get some pictures..lol

This week the garden was officially made winter ready. With the help of my parents we pulled everything in both gardens. Mr. Pickles than showed up with the tractor and tilled the gardens. The past few years the ground froze before we had the chance to till it so I am pretty happy that is got done!!!

 Now look how pretty it looks!

 New garden

Main garden 

Here is it with a little snow on it...yuck..lol

 I am thinking that I should get out there and plant some garlic since it is all tilled. However, I think it may be too cold to do that? Anyone have any thoughts on that?

As you may recall my parents moved in with us two weeks ago and Mr.P got a job. For the next week they are all going to be out of town and I will be on my own...eeek. This is going to be the first time I have been on my own in 7 years! Last night was okay after my mind got over playing tricks on me...LOL I think I will have to keep myself busy with a little sewing and some canning for sure!


  1. You make me really happy to be living here. Though last year we had snow in October (took out a lot of electricity in the state since our leaves weren't all off the trees), but usually it is November or December before our first snow. As to garlic, it needs time before the ground freezes for the winter. Our ground freezes usually mid November. I plant garlic the last week of October. So you need 2-3 weeks. Plant 4" deep and mulch heavily and you might be fine.

  2. The garden looks great! I would follow Daphne's advice and get that garlic planted!

    I bet you get a lot of sewing done this week! You'll be fine!

  3. Hehe, when I first started living alone, my mind played tricks on me too. Helped along by a cat who used to like trying the front door handle when he was outside :)
    You'll be fine. You just have to get used to the quiet and therefore noticing other sounds in the quiet.
    And think of all the sewing you can get done. Think of it as your very own sewing retreat :)
    The garden looks great. As does the snow.

  4. Oh my goodness. Now that is COLD! I'm still using my air conditioner here. You will really be able to cross a few things off your to-do list this week!


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