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The last batches of tomatoes are taking their time in ripening so things have been pretty quite in the kitchen.

 I was able to get one more batch of tomato sauce in and got 7 500ml jars and 1 1L jar. So that brings me to 18 jars. I was hoping to get a few more, but with making crushed tomatoes this year I think I am all set.

I also finally dried some herbs and got a wee jar of mint and a little jar of lemon verbena. I plan on using them in my loose teas. 

So that is about all for this week. I really really want to make chili sauce this year, however I have been unable to find a recipe that I like. I should have another week to find one though!

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  1. I dried some herbs earlier in the year for tea. I ought to get them out now that it is tea season. I rarely drink tea in the summer as I don't like iced tea.

  2. Don't they look so very nice all filled with color

  3. What kind of chili sauce recipe are you looking for? One to put on hot dogs and things? If so I just may have a good one for you to try. It is from the mom of a prior boss and I had to beg her for years and years to get it.

  4. I love seeing the fruits of your labors. Always amazes me that you grew it all and made it all. Someday I hope to do that!

  5. I love seeing the filled jars! I have done my final canning for the year with today's mincemeat. I did get chili sauce made, but alas, no crushed tomatoes. I know I already told you about the tomatoes, but I just have to keep complaining, LOL!

  6. So good to see all that hard work come out onto the table in the middle of winter.

    This year I made Tomato and Apple Chutney and Mango Chutney.

    Wish I has more time to make more.


  7. I really wish I could send you some of the mint that I cannot kill in front of my house! Lol but alas I this the postal service frowns upon that! ;o)

  8. Love seeing your canning goods, they look yummy! Isn't that the best feeling knowing you have those jars finished? They will be so delicious & healthy, also.

  9. I know how good it feels to have almost finished canning and preserving and feel ready for winter. I am so missing being able to can and dehydrate this year. Hopefully soon.

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