Thursdays Kitchen Cupboard

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Thursdays Kitchen cupboard

I think I am finally back in the groove and can start posting again on a regular basis! I have missed blogging a lot, but you know how it is sometimes life just gets in the way. 

Last Wednesday my parents moved in with Mr. Pickles and myself. Their new place wasn’t built yet and their current home sold earlier than they thought. They are hoping to be moved into the new place by December.  For some reason I felt guilty about blogging when I thought I should have been cleaning or doing something else so I didn’t blog. I think I am over that now J

This week was an interesting one. Mr.P got a new job!! As some of you may know Mr.P had spent the last 20+ years being the only full time labourer on his family’s Dairy farm. We had tried to take over the farm, but things didn’t work out. For the past year he has been dissolving the family farm and building up the courage to apply to work somewhere else. Well last week the last of the cows went, the day after he sent out his first ever resume and on Monday...He got a call saying the new job was his! This was both extremely exciting and sad. Exciting since he got the job and sad because it meant that he was going to be working 12hour days, 7 days a week, and 2 weeks he would be out of the province. This means that I would be seeing him less than when he had to work 13hour days, 7 days a week at the farm. I didn’t think this job was the right choice for our family, but it is just going to be one month. In the end if this job can give him the confidence he needs to go out and get a job, (he thinks no one wants to hire a farmer)feel better about himself and so on then it is worth the sacrifice.

Okay so enough about that I just really needed to get that off my chest!

I did get a bit of canning done this week as the tomatoes are finally starting to ripen for me. I was able to get 7 jars of whole tomatoes

 And 15 jars of crushed tomatoes. This was my first time doing crushed tomatoes. It is a wee bit more work than the whole tomatoes, but I feel like I am able to get more tomato goodness into the jar this way.

I have 20 pounds of ripe tomatoes ready for tomato sauce which means I need about another 15 pounds before I can start. I am hoping to find that those extra 15lbs today so I can sauce it up!

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  1. You will at least have the assurance that your family will eat well for the next year!
    It is so hard to make transitions in our lives. Especially when our dreams didn't work out as we planned. My brother in law is a farmer. He works hard and long days. I think farmers would make wonderful employees because they've had to be their own boss for so long. I hope your husband finds something that he will love but that will allow you to be together more!

  2. Good luck to Mr P. Hopefully his next job will be easier on the family.

  3. Good luck to Mr P!! I'm sure you will enjoy your parents for the time being :)

    You sure have been busy with your canning....looking good!!

  4. There's nothing like having parents in the house to make you feel like you have to justify your time spent doing things. Glad you got past that.

    That is a big change for you and Mr P. i hope this job goes well and he's able to find a better fit in the next one.

    Great tomato stash. You'll be eating well this winter


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