Final harvest Monday

Oh how I hate having to write this post! This is going to be my final harvest Monday post of 2012. The garden was all pulled and tilled last Monday and since I don’t have a cold frame there will be no more harvests this year.

I have been hording my harvests from the past few weeks since I have been unable to post. I thought I would just add them all up into one final post and link it up to Harvest Monday’s over at Daphne’s Dandelions.

Okay so my goal was to reach 1000lbs....let’s see if I got there

I weighed the rest of my tomatoes in the house and they came out to be 45.132kg so almost 100lbs! I still have about another 20kg in the garage ripening so maybe one more harvest Monday post after all!

This a pic from when I 1st brought them all in. I didn't take a picture of each box when they ripened since I would put all the ripe ones in a box, weigh then and then use them right away. There would have been A LOT of tomato pictures then..LOL

I had some more onions in the garden and after drying I ended up with 6lbs or 2.72kg
I forgot to take a picture before I added them to the rest downstairs!

The frost got too all my peppers before I could so there total is a big zero

I was able to save two tiny eggplants they came out to 116g

A huge surprise was that even after a few frosts my broccoli was still alive and growing. I was able to harvest 809g

I got a decent amount of carrots 22lbs or 10.160kg..However there was about another 2kg that I had to toss since I left them out in the garage and they got spongy!

The beets were rather spotty and I ended up with 7.116kg They are a mix of Detroit red and golden. 

The potatoes were a bit of a disappointment
Yukon gold 47.445kg and scabby. They are still okay to eat, but ugly to look at
Norland- 7.983kg

Purple Russian were rather scabby as well we got 11.339kg

The pumpkins that I saved did not ripen and just went to mush...

Weekly total 132.87kg or 292.9lbs
Grand total 383.541or 845.5lbs OH SO CLOSE!!!!!!
Basil 2g
Radish 5.26 lbs or 2.537
Lettuce 4.4935kg
Spinach 2.172 kg
Early Girl TOMATO 629g
Chives 85g
Rhubarb 2.33kg
Cherries 4.5kg
Cabbage 18.07kg
Pak choi 155g
Zucchini 33.567kg
Cucumbers 26.536kg
Peas 1.740kg
Broccoli 5.996kg
Cauliflower 14.763kg
Broad Beans 8.57kg
Purple Kohlrabi 2.552kg
White kohlrabi 3.552kg
Green Bean 2.083kg
Golden beats 4kg
Chioggia beets  93g
Detroit Beets 1.217
Yukon gold Potato 47.993kg
Norland Potato 52.019kg
Hungarian Wax Peppers 514g
Leeks 103g
Roma Tomato 74.114kg
Tenderlong carrots 10.272kg
Spaghetti squash 25.7kg
Eggplant 116g


  1. With you short growing season, 845+ pounds is very commendable!

  2. It might have fallen short of your goal , but AG is right---it is very impressive. And scabby potatoes taste every bit as good as smooth ones--it's all just appeal (get it?hahaha) Lame, I know!

  3. I agree with Granny, you have such a short growing season. That you get so much is amazing.

  4. Way to go! The other day there was a pumpkin farmer on and he said if you plan for failure that is the best you will get. I think that is a great way to look at it. You still did more than last year and you made a plan to succeed and you did! Even if you did not meet your goals!

  5. Just think, if you were is school and your mark was 845/1000 you would have 84.5% That is honours! Way to go!

  6. Wow! How wonderful!!! You are close enough to count in my book!

  7. Let me add my Kudos to the pile did very well, and the taste is more important than the looks.....

  8. Wow that is some menu you grew in your garden! Cudo's to you. I can't wait till I live someplace I can grow something, anything.

  9. Great year! The potato yield alone is outstanding! And I can only hope that our fall broccoli will be as bountiful. I hope you feel good about your work and your harvest this year, 'cause you should.

    1. Thank you Jody. It never even crossed my mind that our broccoli would still be alive after 3 hard frosts, but I was very happy to see that it was and it tasted great. Good luck with your fall Broccoli!

  10. I think that is a great result. In my opinion you need to weigh up quality as well as quantity. I have no doubt that your home-grown veg was way nicer than shop-bought stuff, and probably healthier too.
    In my tiny plot there is no chance of getting 845kgs of produce, but growing your own veg is very satisfying even if the tallies are small.

  11. Wow, 845 pounds in any zone is impressive, but in yours?? I think you've done very well! Now you can rest up and dream about next year's thousand pounds!

    1. Thank you:) I am pretty happy with the numbers considering the wet summer we had

  12. Mrs. P looks like quite a few of us are hanging up the gloves for the winter. That is some impressive tomato harvest.

    1. Thank you! It would be nice to have a longer growing season here since I am not a fan of our cold winters. However, I think I am done with the garden for

  13. Nice harvests! How long do your potatoes last and do you save some to plant for next year?

    1. Thank you. If I can keep them in a cool place like in the milkhouse at the farm they will last till June. In my cold room in the basement they start sprouting eyes come March. I use to keep some to use for seed, however since i have "scab" in my soil I have been told that it is better to buy new seed potatoes every year.That worked for my red skinned, but not the yukon or blue russian this year...LOL

  14. That's quite the harvest weight even if you didn't quite reach your goal. Are you going to try for 1000 lbs. next year too?

  15. Despite the disappointments, that is avery impressive total


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