Almost Christmas

I am getting a later start to today’s cleaning then I would have wanted too. However, Mr. Pickles picked up the stomach flu somewhere and was up all night making lovely music. So far I think I am safe, just tired from being up with him all night! I don’t have time to have the flu so those little bugs better just move on by!

Last night we had to make an unwanted drive back to the city to return a few Christmas decorations. I would have preferred to do that after Christmas, but you cannot return the decorations after the 25th. That makes sense, but a pain in the butt! We had bought a little crappy lighted garland that was about 2 feet long. It was only 1.99 at Wal-Mart so I bought it only to reread the receipt a few weeks later to find out that it was 14.95! That was a rip off, so it had to be returned. The other returnee was an outdoor Christmas tree. We bought two so one could go on either side of the garage. However when we opened up the one box it had two little trees that were broken and not the one shown on the So we had to return that too.

So moving on to today. I have a pretty long list of things that need to get done including a trip into town to pick up water...and a sick husband to smother I mean take care of. This means I need to stop blogging and get my butt in gear

I thought i would throw in a few Christmas tree pics I too a few weeks ago......There are not the best, but still cute :)

Has anyone else being running around with last minute returns, shopping or cleaning!


  1. I hate when big stores rip you off, as if your not going to do something about it..I got ripped off with a kodak printer..that sucker used more ink in a month than I ever used in two or three years..

  2. What a nuisance! The cost of petrol here in the UK means that you can do without a return trip to s store to return stuff when it's not right through no fault of your own.

    Funny that GBH7 should say about running costs of Kodak printers - they are advertised here as being cheap for ink refills (for printing photos). But for me, I find that the Kodak print machine in our local shoe repairers/key cutter store which is 16p per print (is that 10 cents or so?) is better quality than I can print at home and brilliant value.

    Get well soon, Mr P, and best wishes of the season to you all.

  3. There is nothing worse that being sick around the holidays. Hope Mr. Pickles is much better soon.

  4. ha, you have to have bought to return!! LOL I got the last of my shopping done and everything is funally wrapped! I have NEVER been this late with Christmas!
    Poor Mr. P! Hope he gets better to celebrate (and not infect) with everyone! LOL Happy Christmas! May you get everything you want!! (I am getting a giftcard to connecting threads and a vaccuum! Does it get much better??)


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