Whole lotta freezing going on

Well I think I am almost done my Christmas shopping and it’s not the 23rd..Lol Last night’s shopping trip with my father went well. We shopped for almost 3 hours and then went for a lovely supper. I think that may have been the longest we have ever spent shopping. However, we had to drive around to 7 different stores at 7 different locations in the city so that took up a lot of time too.

A while back I had done a post on all the canning I had completed this year and had planned on posting about all the produce I froze this year, however I forgot until now. As I went downstairs this morning to pick a protein out of the freezer for lunch I commented as I always do...wow this sucker sure is full. If you don’t believe me here is a picture.

All that food and there are only two of us..Lol And here’s the kicker...I have another freezer out in the garage that is just as full...lol No pictures of that one since i am lazy and don't want to walk outside to take the picture..lol

Part of the reason that it is so full is that we shop at Costco and therefore buy a lot of meat in bulk; however, the other reason is that I simply froze a lot of veggies from the garden this year. If you want to see pictures on the individual veggies check out the canning label to the right most of them should be there.

In 2011 I froze

17 cups of purple carrots
32 cups of orange carrots
12 cups + 10lbs of purple beans
28cups of green beans
9lbs of tomatoes
48oz of spinach
8 cups + 1.5 lbs of broccoli
16.5 cups + 3 lbs of cauliflower
21 cups of onions
16 cups of zucchini
24 cups of kohlrabi
8 cups of cabbage soup
10 cups of Saskatoon berries
4 lbs of sausage

It was a pretty darn good year for freezing produce for me this year. Now I just have to remember to eat it all!


  1. You have truly been blessed..and to show your appreciation you have put it away safely :o)..The garden made us buy another freezer this year..as small one and it's already full,,wish I had gotten one larger :o(...

  2. Wow woman! You rock! One of the things my sister does for meat is to buy a half a cow. They did it last year and she said the ground beef alone lasted them 6 months! Are all these veggies from your personal garden?

  3. Nice work! You've been very busy. Now you get the reward. I can't wait to see what you do with those Saskatoon berries!

  4. Jody- It was a very busy fall, but as you know very worth it! I canned a lot of Saskatoon berries, not sure what will happen with the frozen ones..lol

  5. Thanks so much for dropping by my blog today and your supportive comments about truly wonderful thread!

  6. I remember when you were doing all that freezing of veggies! We have a large freezer downstairs full of meat and vegetables. We like to buy a lot at one time as we live in the country and that way we don't have to go to the store as often.

  7. Ooh, I have harvest envy :)

  8. I did not realise that kohlrabi can be frozen. Thats a lot of frozen goodies! Very nice. Hope you remember to eat it all. It is summer here and we still have some beans from last summer.

  9. Malay-Kadazan girl-I did not think you could freeze it either, but i think i read somewhere online that you could...maybe..now I cannot remember!


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