Happy Boxing Day

Here in Canada and the rest of the commonwealth today is Boxing Day. Boxing Day or the day after Christmas was traditionally when wealthy people and homeowners in the United Kingdom would give a box containing a gift to their servants...so it became known as Boxing Day. The stores are open today so a lot of people go shopping for great after Christmas deals. I have never done that and instead use the day to recover from Christmas..Lol

Speaking of Christmas..How was yours? Ours was pretty darn great. Christmas Eve was excellent the food was GREAT the presents were AWESOME and the company was PERFECT. The only thing missing was a few games, however since my parents were hosting Christmas day at their place, it was understandable that they couldn’t stay past 11. Otherwise who was going to get up at 6 to put the turkey in!

Here are a few pics from the 24th

Our table as we are just about to have our appetizers

The appetizers

The dessert (sorry forgot to take pictures of the yummy steak, lobster, crab, cheddar-bacon mash and purple carrots....but it was YUMMY)

Christmas day got off to a rough start as Mr. Pickles was up at 6am and sick again. However, he was feeling a bit better 9am when we opened gifts. He then had to go to work and do chores while I hurried to get ready for lunch at his parents for 1. It was a quiet Christmas at the farm this year. Mr. Pickle’s two oldest nephews (19 and 18) both work at other farms and were unable to get the day off. Their father chose not to come over for dinner (long story) and Mr. Pickle’s father was in the hospital over Christmas. Since we had to be in the city for supper with my parents at 4:30 it was a quick and quite Christmas lunch.Which was nice.

For Christmas supper my parents had a house full of 25 very loud people. We were all able to sit at the same very long table for supper which is always a nice thing. We had just filled our plates when all of a sudden someone yelled Grandma isn`t breathing! She was choking on a piece of sausage! Luckily one of my uncles knew how to do the Heimlich and proceeded to use it on grandma (83 and a stroke victim). The whole house was holding their breath and a call had to go out to 911 as she still wasn`t breathing.........and then she said ``enough enough I’m good`` and we all let out a sigh of relief!!! It could have been the worst Christmas ever....but she and the rest of us went back to eating after that few mins of craziness!! We were even all cracking jokes about it within 10mins...lol She is going to have quite the story to tell the nurses at the care home when they take her back in a few days and I am sure she will have the bruises to prove it. She even stayed up till 1:30am (when we finally left..lol) and kept saying she didn`t want to go to bed when we all started asking her at 8pm..lol

Today I have been saying my new manta over and over again....``don`t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened`` J It truly was a couple of days full of love,  Laughter, happiness and family. Now that`s the kind of Christmas that just makes the world a better place J

I hope everyone else had a GREAT CHIRSTMAS TOO


  1. I bet that scared the poop out of everyone :o) Wasn't it a blessing that it all worked out okay :o) Sometimes I think we get tested to show us how dependant we really are even when we don't realize it..:o).

  2. I'm glad she is OK. Or better than OK. I certainly couldn't have stayed up that late. I kicked people out of my house at 9 as I was so exhausted. I wasn't really having the party anyway. My townhouse mates were so I just sent the guests left to their side of the house and closed the door. We had 45 over and their side wouldn't have fit them all. When that happens we always open up our connecting door to spread them all out.

  3. great you tried to kill Grandma! Next year make sure she brings her sharper teeth! Really just glad to hear that all is well! Sounds like (other than Mr. feeling ill) a great holiday!

  4. Glad everything turned out well. What a scare!

    That cakes looks positively delicious. The snacks look tasty too.


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