Somewhere after putting up decorations I lost my Christmas Spirit. It just went a little every day until I was sitting here this morning going Ho-Hum. I know it will come back soon since I think it went away in part because of this migraine I have had for 8 days now and since I made an impossible Christmas to-do list. So every morning when I wake up with the migraine I get grumpier cause I don’t get anything done all day and then since I have insomnia I stew about it all night...lol Mr. Pickles is trying to be helpful but most of the time he is just under my feet and it takes a lot of willpower not to just kick him. I guess it is good practice for when we have kids.

So I decided this morning to scale down my Christmas craft list. My original plan was to make all this:
Christmas Log Cabin quilt
Santa placemats
Table runner or placemats using jelly rolls
Embroidered handmade napkins
Snowman wall hanging
Hand towels
Fabric ornaments
Christmas cards
Soap bottle aprons
Mug Rugs
Tree skirt

This is an unrealistic list for a healthy beginner sewer, let alone me. So I am just going to make my Christmas cards and try the soap bottle aprons. I need to make 20 cards and I would like to make 5 aprons. If I get everything done then I will pick something else to try, but for now this is all that is going to be on my craft list.

Tonight Mr. Pickles and I are going to make some Swiss cookies. Spitzbuben’s, Bratzeli and if we have time and haven’t killed each other Vanilleh√∂rnchen. If you are wondering why Swiss cookies...well Mr. Pickles is from Switzerland. Since this is the first Christmas since we have met that he doesn’t have to work 16 hour days we thought we would start a new tradition of making some traditional Swiss  Christmas cookies. Come back tomorrow for Kitchen cupboard Thursday to see how we made out!


  1. Not stressing out is a good thing :-) Smart move on cutting things down. (I hope we get to see the soap aprons)

  2. For goodness sake, wait until you have a little longer before you consider terminating his life :o) The sparks are just beginning..I have 63 years in that water and I'm still threading lightly :o)

  3. Dr.Momi-thank you :) If they go well and even if they don't i will be showing them off on the 11th.

  4. An 8 day migraine! Yuck! I feel your pain. I hope it gets kicked soon. Otherwise, go ahead and kick Mr Pickles, it might help :)

    Good to see you're cutting down on that epic list. I'm not feeling the xmas spirit this year either, but maybe that'll change when I start making the xmas sweets.

  5. I understand the blahs so well, the list was daunting and stress will get you everytime. This is the first year I did not get out the zillion boxes and tubs, no tree or other signs of festive cheer. I don't even want to bake my cookies and the lebkuchens should have been done before now to mellow. Hope the Swiss conquer all and the sweetness brings you joy! DO NOT kick Mr. Pickles, yet....LOL


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