Cards Away

Well I did it! I wanted to make 20 Christmas cards this year and send them out and I did it! 

On Tuesday and Wednesday night Mr. Pickles and I worked on the Christmas cards and yesterday I sent them out. Last year I didn’t get them out until the 20th and therefore with the Christmas rush some people didn't get theirs till after Christmas. So this year I am 5 days Well that doesn't seem like much once I say it out loud, however, I think it will give them a better chance at getting there on time!

The hardest part about making cards this year was I wasn’t sure what I wanted to make. Mr. Pickles had bought me a Cricut die cutting machine for my birthday so I wanted to be able to use that. However, the first one I got was broken and then Costco stopped carrying them so I couldn`t get a replacement.  I then ordered via; however they were out of stock too. Amazon finally shipped one out to me in November (birthday was in September) only to find out that one had broke in shipping too. Instead of going through the hassle of sending it back to Amazon I just called Cricut directly. They made me hold the phone up to the machine and they deemed it broken and that I should just throw it out and they would send me a new one. 

Okay are you still with me this is a long story!! My 3rd Cricut came at the end of November and it finally worked!!! However, by that time I already had all my card paper bought and had made a plan of what to make not using the

So that brings us to the beginning of December. Since Christmas was coming I wasn`t allowed to by myself any cartridges for the Cricut so I had to try and make something Christmassy with what I had. That is where things got difficult. Mr. Pickles wanted to help, however he wasn`t very helpful. Every time I would suggest and idea he would just say hmmm I don`t know. I love the man to death, but there is nothing worse than having someone looking over your shoulder when you are trying to design something...or thinking they can do it better and then not understanding why you are yelling at them to get out of your craft So armed with some new paper and a this is what we are making so shut up attitude we were ready to start making cards.

Mr. Pickles manned the Cricut (my present and so far he is the only one that has been allowed to use and I put everything together on the cards.

I was a little nervous at first that they looked childish, but I think they turned out pretty darn well.

I made two options this year



The count is on now 9 days till Christmas!! Do you send out cards? Are you also finding that more and more people are not sending cards these days!

Happy Friday :)


  1. Your cards are lovely! ..Quite a few years ago I sent out over 2oo cards and didn't receive 6 back , that killed my Christmas Card spirit ..and I don't send them anymore.

  2. Your cards turned out way better than mine...just awesome!!!

  3. Malay-Kadazan girl. THANK YOU :)


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