Mondays Musings

Well I will start off with a little bit of disappointing news. The Happyquilting Bee was full and I didn’t make the cut. I guess I should have just joined instead of thinking about it for a couple of days Oh well it guess it just wasn’t meant to beeeee J I haven’t heard anything back about the other swap yet....but I hope I am in it!

On to the good news I got my palmiers and sugar cookies done last night. Once I get into the finally week before Christmas I get this sudden urge to start baking my butt off. I don’t need to since I already have everything I need for the holidays, but I find myself looking through cookbooks (one of my addictions) and looking online to find that one perfect appetizer of cookie that I need to make. This is usually followed by the stress of trying to make all of these extra things. Please tell me I am not alone in my crazy thoughts! LOL  I would still like to make brie bites, chocolate shortbread, cheddar crackers, cheddar and red pepper jelly tartlets and these mushroom and sundried tomato pockets I am looking at right now look pretty good too....okay no I must stop......LOL

The prosciutto, gruyere and honey mustard Palmiers

The naked sugar cookies, I ran out of time to decorate them last night. So decorating will be tonight’s task.

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is THIS week-end..That is so Tomorrows post is going to be about my Christmas plans so I won’t bore you with that two days in a row.
I hope everyone is having a great day


  1. Coulfd yoiu possibly post the recipe for the palmiers? They sound devine!!!!

  2. Wow my fingers are rather stiff (RA) I didn't realize I should have checked my comment!!! Hugs

  3. Okay, I didn't even stop to read your post yet. I just had to come say Congratulations!!! for winning the Accuquilt over at Lily Pad Quilting! I saw your name and thought, "Hey, one of my bloggy buddies won! Yea!"

  4. Those cookies sure look deliious! Wish I were your neighbor I'd ring the bell on some pretense :o)

  5. Your cookies look yummy! Sorry you didn't get in the swap but you'll get in others!

  6. Mmm, those mushroom and sundried tomato pockets sound divine. I think you should def make them... And share the recipe so I can too :)

    Sorry you didn't make it into the bee. But more will come up through the year, so I'm sure you'll find more.


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