I took the Plunge

After I wrote yesterdays post I thought to myself...self if you are going to write a whole post about joining a quilting bee or swap then maybe that is a sign that you should join one....so I did..Lol

Now all I have done is said that I would like to join up so I guess that doesn’t mean that I am actually taking part. I suppose I shall have to wait and see if there is room for me and so on. However, until I get an e-mail saying no you are not part of this experience I am saying that I am in...Lol

The first one I joined is a Swap over at Sameliasmum.  It is going to be a blind international swap and it is going to be based on the idea of making a mini quilt for your swap partner, using their name or blog name somewhere in the quilt. I think I like the idea of getting a mini quilt that says Mrs. Pickles on it more than making one so I just had to join. I hope my partner has a short name and is forgiving of my mistakes...not that there will be any...lol You have until the 15th of January to sign up.

The second one I joined is a block bee over at HappyQuilting. This one is still in the planning stages; however, Melissa does some great work so I just know these blocks are going to be pretty neat! I think you can still sign up for this one as well
***update this bee is full and I didn't make the cut, very disappointing :(****

The Third option was the wonky house swap over at Jane’sFabric`s and quilts. However, I left joining that one too long and now it is full. Which might have been for the best since I wasn`t sure if I was qualified enough to join that one!

Fourth option is yet to be found..... I think I would like to join one or two more if the fit is right. However, I am not sure where else to look. If any ones knows of a good one let me know

Okay now onto no quilting stuff

Last night I didn`t get my little aprons done...I got distracted with wrapping presents...lol I started at 6;30 and wrapped until 9:30! I didn`t think I had that much to do, but I am a little slow so I am sure that added on a little extra time. I wasn`t exactly the most patient person before my brain went a little wonky and now it’s even worse...lol There are a few presents that looked like monkeys wrapped them and a few more that I was short on paper(because I didn't measure correctly) so I had to add more...oh my! At least the top looks good on most of them and it’s just paper after all....right!!

Tonight I want to get my palmiers and my sugar cookies done so I can decorate the little buggers and not have to worry about anything next week.
This is one plate of my sugar cookies from 2009...I got a fancy cake decorating thingy for my b-day this year so i hope to improve on decorating !


  1. Those sound like fun swaps you have joined. I'm sure you will have fun and do well.

  2. Glad you decided to join one and not sit on your thumbs wishing :o) Now you have to keep up until Spring then it's the garden, so hurry up and hurry:o)

  3. cute cookies! I used to LOVE making cookies, especially spritz & snickerdoodles. I never was good at the icing on sugar cookies.

  4. You did it now! I'm all in!! (well not the wonky houses) Lets do this swappy thing! hehe can't wait!!

  5. pooo updaye.... we were put on the alternate list for the HappyQuilting! awwww maybe one of the other people in that list will host! There are like 18 of us! crossing my fingers!

  6. I wanna whisper in your ear. So lean close to the screen.

    You could start your own swap. I have never done one but I would be willing to learn and happy to help you.

  7. I hope you have fun with the swaps and don't stress too much (like you suggested you would in your last post) about quality control.
    The first swap you listed sounds really interesting. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.


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