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Hello my name is Mrs. Pickles and I ate way too much in my kitchen this holiday season....oh oops you are telling me that this post is not suppose to be about over eating....sorry my

Like everyone else I am sure, there was a lot coming out of my kitchen this holiday season and most if not all of it made the trip to my stomach! That’s not a bad thing though since everything tasted so darn great.

I thought I would share an easy meal, which may not be “light” but doesn’t require a lot of thinking or planning......... Cheese Fondue!

As some of you may know Mr. Pickles is from Switzerland and from time to time we use a few of his native cooking traditions in the kitchen. Cheese fondue is one of my favourites since all you need is:

this is my homemade Tuscan loaf. I would suggest you use a heavier bread

A box of Cheese Fondue

A cheese fondue pot (this one has been the cause of scratches on my stove topL)

You simply rub garlic in the fondue pot and then add the cheese. Cook on low heat until it reaches a nice creamy consistence (I usually add extra wine or kirsch and more cheese)

For the bread you cut it up into bite size chunks and let it dry in the over at 350F for about 10mins

When the bread is ready set the table and put the fondue pot on the stand and light the burner. You are now ready to fondue.

So there you so Easy Peasy and all so yummy!

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  1. Looks yummy, and probably something our boys would love.

  2. That looks great! I am so hungry right now. I have some homemade bread but not enough cheese :(

  3. Jody- I am sure your boys would love it.It a lot of fun and not quite as dangerous as oil fondue and kids!

  4. mmmmm! Add a nice bottle of Merlot and I am in!!!


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