Occupy Your Sewing Room

As you may remember last week I decided to take part in the Occupy Your Sewing Room linky party over at Cat Patches. Well I did it, not successfully, but I did it.

After a week of cookie making and shopping I choose Friday as my day to occupy my sewing room. I had decided that I was going to make soap bottle aprons. I had first seen these on Pauline’s blog The quilting Queen during the Ghastlies Blog hop and just knew I had to make some. Pauline also provided a link over to Simplify where Camille gives a tutorial of her super cute creation.

So on Friday I went to print out the pattern so I could begin my occupation to find out that I couldn’t figure out how to increase the diagram to 100%. Camille was nice enough to say that it should measure out to be 7 ¼”, but be dammed if I could get it to that size. First it was 4”, then 12” then 5” then 8, then 6.5” and finally after a tear filled hour I figured out how to do it and ended up with the correct size.

The next part was the cutting, sandwiching and quilting. All three of those steps were nice and easy for me and I kept saying..Self you are getting good at this sewing thing...lol I had just received my order of Aurifil thread from Tristan Italian threads and for as much as I hate to admit it....GOOD THREAD MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE!! I had been using $1 Wal-Mart thread and thought meh this works and doesn’t break so why spend more. Well the Aruifil thread makes quilting like butter...nice and smooth

Here is one of my new loves in red

After I got all 5 aprons quilted the next step was to sew on the bias tape. After sewing on the first little strip I was thinking oh they are easy too. However, that feeling didn’t last long. When it came to sewing the bias tape onto the curved bottom I kept getting crimps in the fabric. To make things worse I couldn’t find my seam ripper. Previously I had said...self that seam ripper is on the floor pick it up and put it away or you are going to lose it. To which I replied..Shut up...So yeah next time when I needed it the little bugger couldn’t be found!

 So I had to use my little craft knife

It worked, but it took a lot longer! And I was afraid I was going to stab myself!!

So after another few hours of ripping and crying I decided to just make one mistakes and all so at least I had something to show for Occupy your Sewing room. I didn’t look too horrible so I made another one.

This is what I ended up with.

See the little gathering here L

And this is just a picture of all my work together. 

I got something done and if I can figure out how to correct sew on the bias tape I will have completed my new updated Christmas crafting goal. If anyone has any suggestions on how to sew this on better please let me know!!

Now go and check out Cat Patches and see all what all the other more talented ladies have been doing while they occupied their sewing rooms!


  1. Your bottle aprons look good even with a little crimping. Is it store-bought bias? I have never had good luck with it. I liked hearing what you said about Aurifil...I have been wanting to try it and it is great that you like it so well. Hope you are careful and find your seam ripper soon!

  2. You did fine. Bias tape can be tough at first. I use lots of pins on the curves and sew slowly. Don't give up.

  3. These are adorable. They are a hand made. What could be more special?

  4. I think you did a great job on the soap aprons! I found the blog that had that pattern from the "Moda County Fair" projects that I plan to try out for the same idea-Christmas Aprons! We don't have very many Christmas decorations I realized this year so I am game to try. I think the ones you finished are darling, it does take some time to get used to using the bias tapes.

  5. I think they look great! If you have more binding problems in future here is my answer-

    I was in tears and so frustrated over the binding on one of my mug rugs and then I found this tut:

    It take a little more time because of the hand sewing on back but it sure was worth the ripping out and redoing. oh, by the way, I empathize over you "losing: ytou seam ripper. I do this all the time and with my scissors too!

  6. I never learned to make friends with bia tape. I found that cutting my own binding on a bias and just binding like a regular quilt was much easier.

  7. How cute! You did a great job on them!

  8. Those aprons are adorable.. Did you do fabric weaving or is that just the print on them?

  9. Very cute!! And your conversation with yourself was very entertaining! :D

  10. Wow, how cute! I remember them from the Ghastlie tour!

    PS I also love your freezer full of veggies!

  11. They are sweet, it makes the bottles look so tidy! Thanks for commenting on my blog.

  12. Hello

    Love the little aprons, so cute, good luck with the sewing.
    happy days.


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