Occupy Your Sewing Room

Occupy Sewing Room

This morning or well okay I guess more like this afternoon I was reading through my blog list and read more than one post about Occupy Your Sewing Room going on over at Cat Patches. Every time I came across someone posting on it I thought “hey that is a great idea. I should really get some sewing done”. By the third blog I decided to click on the link and check it out thinking it is probably too late to join or thinking up a million reasons why I wouldn`t be able to join up. 

However, here is the kicker...all you have to do is occupy your sewing room from the 3-10 of December for one day or break it up if you cannot spend a whole day and then blog about it on the 11th. It doesn't get much easier than that now does it. So I copied the button on my blog (see it on the right hand side) and now I am going to pick a day to take a stand against my Christmas sewing and show it who`s the boss. I think this is just the thing to beat that procrastination bug which is usually followed by the disappointment that you didn`t get done what you wanted to bug.

As for today... probably no sewing since i need to get my Christmas cards made and there is a HUGE craft fair in the city that is calling my name. So i better go and clean up that craft room....again so I can get more sewing/crafting done!


  1. I'd like to brag that I did some cleaning up in my Studio and walking in it looks pretty good :o) there's lots more to do, I'm just taking my time :o) < that's the best excuse I could come up with :o)..I'm just hiding the rest :o)

  2. I read several blogs on Occupy your sewing room. Believe me, I have been! I noticed this morning I have trails of tread bunnies all over the house (time to vacuum?.)


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