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As promised today’s kitchen cupboard is going to be about cookies. Last night Herr Pickles and I made a few Swiss cookies. First we made Bratzeli.

Bratzeli are basically a type of sugar cookie that you put into a fancy press that flattens the cookies and leaves a pretty design on them. Mr. Pickle’s mom has an authentic Swiss Bratzeli press that she brought with her from Switzerland at her place, but it runs on 220 and we only have 110 here.

Last year Mr. Pickles bought me a similar one for Christmas.

It makes the cookies a little thicker and doesn’t have the different Swiss flags on it. However, I think the cookies tasted the same as his mothers so that is good enough for me.

I rolled the dough into balls and Mr. Pickles operated the press
The dough after chilling for 2 hours

Rolling into balls

We ended up getting 125 cookies.

We then made some Spitzbuben. These are kind of like Jam Jam’s, but the dough it not as sweet and more delicate. The traditional way calls for red current jam, however, Mr. Pickles doesn’t like that so I did half in my homemade Saskatoon berry Jam and the other half in Raspberry Jam.

We ended up with 48 cookies

This turned into 24 Spitzbuben

Although we didn’t kill each other while making the cookies we did run out of time. So we are going to make the Vanillehörnchen tonight.

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  1. How interesting. I love seeing seasonal traditions from others backgrounds. I have never made either cooking. So many of the European countries have great foods for the holidays. Thanks for sharing and anytime you want to share the family recipes it would be great.

  2. I want to come to your house. Those cookies look delicious!

  3. Oh How wonderful, they look delicious and I'm going to beat "em's scrapbag" to your house so I get more bites.I'd love to have one of those machines and that first recipe

  4. wilderness-i had never tried either or these cookies until i met my husband. I was going to include recipes but i totally forgot! I'll post them tomorrow :)

  5. Wow,those are some great cookies! I'll be right over!

  6. And I think I am doing good if I get my Peanut butter kiss cookies, a few chocolate chip and some sugar cookies done! WOW!! I need a week at your house to learn how to make all of these wonderful cookies!!

  7. Those look not only beautiful - but tasty! I have not quite worked myself up to doing any holiday baking yet this year - but the mood is starting to settle in for me to do that.

  8. The first ones are like the Italian Pizzelles, only thicker dough. I make them every Christmas morning!If anyone helped me I would go crazy- I cook, others may sit and converse!

  9. What yummy looking cookies! Raspberry Jam in them sounds so good!

  10. KitsapFG- Thank you. This is the first year where i am not scrambling to get my cookies done on the


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