Happy Monday!!

I don’t know about everyone else but I sure had a busy week-end. Since we are in that holiday mode I am sure everyone else was pretty darn busy too!

Friday was my big Occupy your sewing room day. You can check out my post on that HERE and you can check out what everyone else made over at Cat Patches. I think more than a few machines may have caught fire..lol

Saturday was a nice treat for Mr. Pickles and I. My parents treated us to a lovely supper at a local restaurant followed by an evening at the Symphony. We sure are spoiled aren’t we! The Saskatoon Symphony was having their annual Christmas show so it was full of Christmas music and even included a sing along at the end. Even Santa was there!! The lovely night was topped off with a game of cards at my parents. I lost...yet again...gesh I am going to have to start cheating!

Sunday was a bit of a rush to try and get one more of little aprons done...I didn’t go well so I ripped the seams open and will try again tonight..lol We then returned to the city where we were invited by my Aunt and Uncle along with my parents for supper and visiting. There we were treated to a lovely home cooked meal and were able to catch up.

Today it is snowing....booooo. I hope it doesn’t last long since I was kind of looking forward to an almost brown Christmas. Today is also the day that my father and I chose to do our Christmas shopping. My dad and I have been having our father daughter Christmas shopping day for as long back as I can remember! We never take long to get out shopping done. One year we hit 5 stores in 30mins..lol So the rest of the time we just spending having a drink or two and back in the day we use to go and see a movie. All in all it’s a great day and hopefully I will be done all of my Christmas shopping by the end of it.

I hope everyone is having a great day


  1. Oh, I would love to see snow around now, but there's not even a remote chance of anything like that happening! It is about 60 degrees outside and misting. We are excited about the mist!
    How sweet that you and your Dad still go shopping together. I think my husband could hit 5 stores in 30 minutes too!

  2. It sure sounds like you have been busy! Hope you had fun shopping with your dad!

  3. Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend. I love the shopping tradition with your Dad, may it continue for many more years!!!


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