Canning with the oldies

I mentioned yesterday that I have been given a lot of canning supplies over the past year that I am sure are as old as me and most are quite a bit older. People always say to me are you sure you want them they are really old. My answer always is as long as there are no cracks then of course I want them.

I don't know why everyone associates older things with being something unwanted. Maybe its the archaeologist in me, but the older the object the more I like it. The history behind these jar may be meaningless to well most everyone, but to me its fascinating. The fact that someone put love into this jar and feed it to their family makes me feel lucky that I now get to carry on that love to mine.

Even at my age I can say things are not built the way they use to be. There are "ruins" all around the world that are thousands of years old some ten thousand years old and still standing. And now days there are building built in the 80's that can barely stand. Newer isn't necessarily better. Don't get me wrong I buy new stuff all the time, but when it comes to jars a jar is a

 Well I am on the topic of older things. When my grandmother had to sell her home do to having a stroke and not being able to live there anymore she didn't really care who got what(she didn't have much). However, she made sure that everyone knew that I(the only grand kid to have a garden and can) was to take all of her canning supplies including a food mill that her mother has used and gave to her. Especially the food mill since it had meant so much to her and now I would be able to carry on the family tradition. Now I must say that my grandmother must have polished the heck out of this food mill cause it doesn't look like its from the 50'

I couldn't remember what it was called so I looked on line and found quite a few web pages telling me not to use an aluminum food mill since it is bad for your health..That is a little disappointing. Now I am not sure if I should use it :(


  1. I just love all those old canning jars. I have hundreds of them. There are so many different ones I couldn't count them all. Cooking with any aluminum is supposed to be bad for you. I have always had stainless steel cookware. But, I have to say that I use my old aluminum food mill.

  2. Robin-Good to know I am not the only one that loves the old jars. I think I am going to give the food mill a whirl. What the heck I'm going to live on the wild side and chance

  3. "I don't know why everyone associates older things with being something unwanted. Maybe its the archaeologist in me, but the older the object the more I like it."

    She likes me! She really likes me!

    I use my old aluminum chinois ( I was informed this is what it's called....I didn't know!) all the time. It hasn't killed me yet.

  4. Annie's Granny- I think you might even be too young for me to really really like you so I will just really like you for now!

    A chinois you say, what the heck I learn something new everyday.Happy to hear that you use yours a lot!


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