Week 12

So here were are at week 12. The garden has come so far.
Just look at how sad it looked at week 2

and look at it now!

Here is my first ever sunflower just starting to say how do you do! After waking up one morning to find one sunflower plant completely mushy I didn't think the others would survive. Once they all start blooming I think I am going to have to offer them some support.

Here is one of the first Cucumbers ready to eat. I left him for now since I am going to creep around later and see what else is hiding in there.

The Corn is starting work its magic as the cobs has just started to tassel

The next two pictures were a huge surprise for me. After telling the hubby I was going to pull up the broccoli since it wasn't producing he went over and looked and found that not one but 2 plants were making me some broccoli! I don't know how much bigger they will get, but at least they were some what of a success!

After taking the above pictures I went and looked at my cauliflowers and found nothing and more nothing and then this wee little girl just starting to make her debut!

Let see now time for the weekly round up
Wild flowers are finally taking off. Lost of ugly flowers and a few nice ones. Not sure if I will plant that variety next year
Zinnias are in full bloom and LOVELY
Marigolds are just starting to form buds. Next year I will try and grow some indoors since from seed take way to long
Potatoes- are finally starting to produce. The hubby has been digging up some babies for us I hope they still produce more
Onions- They are small about a the size of a tennis ball. I think they will be falling over in the next week
Leeks/garlic- They are there....5 of one and 2 of the other. This row was a total bust this year
Kohlrabi- doing great
Cabbage-all done for the year
Broccoli/Cauliflower-see comments above
Beets- doing great as always
Spinach- just seeded some today. Shall see if anything comes up before the 1st frost
Carrots- both orange and purple are doing okay, but still very small
Tomatoes-Haven't died yet, but very small.
Radishes-replanted round black Spanish today...creepy looking
Beans- Both green and purple are ready to be picked and still have a lot of blooms
Peas- Yummy! Should be able to get a few more pig outs this month
Corn-See above pic
Cucumbers-going like crazy
Zucchini- The plant with mildew is producing quite a bit. The other has one flower and one baby
Strawberry-right now lost in the weeds. My aunt must have had a lot of quack grass cause it is taking over the strawberries and we have never had any in the area before
Raspberry- I think they might be done for the year, but I am not sure.


  1. Your garden looks lovely! I'm surprised you are even ahead of me in your zone 2, since I'm a zone 7. Or 6B. Whatever...those zones change so much I never know where I am! I was just complaining about my 10-foot tall sunflowers that aren't blooming yet.

  2. Your garden looks wonderful and very happy! I think it's just amazing how much a garden can grow in just 12 short weeks!

    Keep up the good work and enjoy!

  3. Robin- thank you. I sure is amazing that ever thing grows so fast. Just last month I was complaining that nothing was ready and now I want to cry that everything is almost done..lol


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