Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Happy Hump Day

Well last night I finally got around to making my first salsa batch of the year! I turned out pretty darn good. I think I may have needed a bit more cumin and maybe more salt, but it always tastes different after it’s processed so I left it as is.

 This was the first year that I think I blanched, peeled and cored my tomatoes properly! It made the whole salsa making procedure a whole lot easier. Next time I will have to take pictures. However, I am sure everyone else already knew how to do it..Lol 

To make things even easier I also used my food processor to chop up the onions, peppers and garlic. SOOOO EASY!! I then tried to chop the tomatoes in the food processor and didn't like how they turned out. Too mushy for my liking so I processed 20 tomatoes and chopped 25 more by hand. I think it gave it the consistency that I was looking for and it did make it a little easier too. Got to Love that!!

I still would like to make another batch of salsa, but I have cauliflower and crab apples that are demanding they are next in line.

I still need to make a lot of stuff this week and as of last night I am out of jars!
Crab apple Jelly
Crab apple butter
Pickled cauliflower
Whole tomatoes
Tomato Sauce
Pizza Sauce
One lucky veggie/fruit will be processed tonight after I get home from the dreaded doctor’s appointment! Last week’s appointment with a different specialist led to him sending a letter to our provincial DMV recommending revoking my licence. Today’s appointment we have been forewarned is bad exciting afternoon Nothing life threatening though....but life altering maybe. Hopefully too altering though!

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  1. Making the Salsa sounds good, Dr's visit sounds alarming..good luck with that.


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