pretty little mistake...LOL

Do you ever have one of those days where you think...why the heck did I even get out of bed....of course you do we all do....yesterday was one of those

As you recall I awoke to find that my seeds had jumped a couple of inches over night that coupled with an amazing cold made for a great start of the

I had sewing that needed to get done and since I just had a sore throat I headed to the sewing room to make some progress. Somehow I ended up cutting my hand 4 times not with the rotary cutter but I also ended up breaking my needle for the first time ever. This was followed by me spending an hour trying to get a new needle in.  It was only after I realized I had the needle position in its lowest position that I clued into why the little bugger wouldn`t fit in.....LOL Oh my I should a have stopped right there and went back to

I did finish up one block for the We bee learning bee and almost finished my last mini for the Table Topper Blog Hop. So it was a successful albeit frustrating day.....LOL However, now that I look back at my block I think that I did it wrong....HAHAHA I did follow the tutorial that she provided, but she also wanted a fussy cut centre square....which means that the tutorial is more of an idea but not what we are suppose to follow. I knew that on Tuesday....but I think this cold is messing with my head since I didn’t think of that again till last night when I saw the block my mother made for the bee......LOL

This is what Jody was wanting
LeeAnn's March Seams Perfect block

And this is what I made.............

So this not quite what she wanted, but still really cute in my eyes at least. I think I am just going to rip out the middle and fussy cut something to stick in there. Or use the light purple for the middle or just start over.

Oh well sometimes your mistakes are pretty too J


  1. I've been wondering why my quilting hasn't been working out and maybe that's it - my brain isn't working right. Thanks! Unfortunately, I haven't got a cold. Maybe spring fever though. Now that I think on it, I always started skipping school about now because I was listless and couldn't concentrate.

    Get better soon!!

  2. For some reason I can't see the first photo but your block looks great! And I'm proud of you for not going back to bed....just look at what you accomplished!

  3. I totally made last month's bee block wrong and then sent it off. Didn't realize it until a couple of weeks later when I was perusing the FlickR group. Oh my. I made another one and sent it along too.

  4. The block looks great, even if it's not quite what was wanted. And has me thinking, wouldn't a nice bright quilt be a great thing to snuggle under in the dark days of winter. Might have to keep my eye out for fabric that's a bit brighter than I normally go for.

  5. Hey I'm Jody! I think your Jody has great taste, not just in names, but in quilt patterns too! Beautiful work!


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