Christmas QAL post #2

Okay I have made a bit of progress today. I got unit C all trimmed down and then I cut out the 50 red squares and 50 white squares needed for unit D. Now if I would have cut out all my blocks back in January like Sue told us to I would likely be half way though my HST's now..........but I couldn't decided on which colours to use so I figured I would just cut as needed. It's fine to do it that way, but now I wish that everything was cut out already...LOL

So here is every thing trimmed/ cut and waiting to be assembled

Here are my lovely squares soon to be hst's 

And finally here are my first batch of hst's 20 down 80 to go.........

It is 2:30 here and raining. Mr.P should be coming home for lunch in the next hour or so. So I should start thinking of what to make for lunch!


  1. You've made lots of progress today. I love how crisp you HST's look with a great contrast.

  2. You got a shedload done, Mrs P, well done!


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