Friday night not sewing

The big plan for last night was to get some sewing done and take part in Friday Night Sew In. However, mother nature had a few other plans for us. For most of the day there was a tornado warning for our area. The skies were grey and you could tell something was brewing. At about 4:30 it got really cold I got and instant migraine and we knew it was coming. We checked the weather network and the warning had changed to a tornado watch. We quickly ran outside to start to put everything that could fly away away just in case. At that point Mr.P also decided to get up on a ladder and fix the roof one of our chicken coops...Silly yes but we had just discovered a whole there a few hours before and it just happens to be where our high speed modern and router are. So we didn't want them to get wet.
The storm was rumbling in the distance and I figured I would get the dishes done quickly just in case the power went. We listed to the radio and heard about a tornado that touched down a couple of hours away from us. So what do we do? Go downstairs and hide....nope we went outside to watch the storm. It was barely raining, just a Little lightening and quite thunder. all of sudden there was a huge CRACK that made me jump and the cats run away. The heaven then opened up. It rained so hard we couldn't see out of the garage.

of course when I went to take a picture it let up a bit

It then hailed. First wee little ones then ones the size of a dime

The poor garden in the rain. The waterlogged area is where my poor tomatoes are! 

The all of a sudden the storm changed direction it was so strange you could see the clouds going east and then the switched in a blink of an eye and started to come back west. The clouds above us started to swirl in a huge circle going round and round so fast and then to the north a funnel cloud started to shape. We could see it coming down swirling and swirling. it was right on the other side of the road. We made the moves to start running to the house and thought oh crap is this is it. However, we were frozen waiting to see what happened. Thank GOD for he sucked that little twister back up into the clouds and we were safe. I took this picture as it was happening but you can't really make anything out. We were scared as the clouds above us were still turning. There ended up being one more funnel cloud forming right above us and it too came down a bit to just be sucked back up. We were very lucky.

So there you have it I didn't get any sewing done last night, but I had good reason. By the time it was all over it was 7pm and I was too tired to think about sewing.


  1. Oh, how scary. You are officially off the hook for FNSI. I'd still be hiding!

  2. Whew!! that was too close!!
    Glad you actually didn't get hit by a funnel cloud, but the rain sure did come down for awhile! And more on Sunday they are saying ??!!

  3. Wow - a very eventful evening for you. Glad you are all ok.

  4. Wow, I'd probably do the same thing and watch! Happy that all is well!

  5. Well I know that I've been moaning about our incessant rain for the last couple of months, but - blimey - we are lightweights in comparison to your drama here!

    On the plus side, if that mini-greenhouse that you have is still in one piece now, you don't have to worry about it not being robust enough!

  6. I loved that GOD sucked the little twister back up! :) I would have ran for the basement for sure! Glad you and Mr P didn't get blown away to Kansas!

  7. Visiting from FNSI .... I think you deserved a night off from everything with a day like that. Glad to see all is safe and sound again.

  8. Wow. Glad you didn't get hit with any funnels. That's a lot of rain, I hope your garden survives it

  9. Oh boy you and your tomatoes need to stay safe! What a scare.

  10. WOW.. I've been doing a bit of catch up on my blog reading! Scary clouds you had! So glad to hear that you are okay!!!


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