WIP 13/06/2012

Holy Cow it is the middle of June!!! Where the heck is time going in such a darn hurry!!! I didn’t get much done in the sewing room this week. I ended up taking apart my love square and redoing it and now I am in love with it. I also got one other bee block done and made some progress on my Christmas QAL. So maybe I got done more than I though...LOL

Today I am linking up with WIP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced and @The Needle and Thread Network.  Make sure you hop on over there and see what everyone else is working on too.
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My June to do list
We Bee Learning group one block for Lisa- Red and black zig zag block. Done and ready to mail. This picture makes it looks pink and washed out....but its really bright red!!

We Bee Learning group two block for Nita- churn dash in 1930’s repo fabrics. Fabric picked
Bee Creative 2012 block for Amanda- Chunky Chevron block in white, blue and Orange.
Wonky Bee block - Waiting for my package to arrive
International Stashers block for Amy- Wonky LOVE block. Now I don’t know how wonky it ended up turning out, but after I ripped it apart and made a few changes I am really loving it now. The V kind of looks likes a backwards Y, but I am still really happy with it I kind of cut off the bottom in this picture though...lol

Christmas QAL 2012 I officially finished unit C. I think I am going to have to resew a few blocks as the center diamonds are a little off, but for the most part they are pretty good. I also started in on Until D I have 20 HST’s made and have 80 left...ouch...lol
The good one..just a wee bit off

The bad one or ones...very off

Red white and blue Blog hop – I have two blocks drawn out...now to make them
June Mini- Still not sure what I want to do that say JUNE....and June is almost over
June NEWFO- I bought a couple of kits that I would like to try and at least start this month.
Anniversary gift- Originally my mother and I were going to make a quilt, but she ended up making it on her own so now I have to think of something to make before the 23rd...LOL

No progress Items to date (these are projects that have appeared on the to do list for 1 or more months with you guessed it.....no progress

Baby quilt-cut out, assemble, and quilt
Sew Happy Geek QAL- Blocks  7,8,9,10,11 and 12 still need to be done
Table runner- I have pieced this sucker together. Now I just need to get the backing on and quilt it
Log cabin- put on binding
Log Cabin Christmas quilt – sandwich and quilt
We Bee Learning group one Quilt- The grey fabric for my sashing came in. Now I need to get to work
We bee Learning group 2 quilt- I am suck on sashing or no sashing now...lol
2011 BOM- Since it is 2012 you can see I am a bit behind on this one. I have Jan, Feb., March done. I just finished April and I am working on May.
Halloween Wall Hanging- this was a kit so everything is ready to be to start cutting and sewing

So there you go that is what is and is not done!
Take care


  1. Well, you said you didn't do much, but it looks like you did! :). I like your lists! I really need to take stock of my projects! Love the red and white HSTs and your LOVE block!

  2. Looks to me like you are busy there. I like the zigzag block.

  3. You've got a lot going on, Mrs. Pickles. Love the zig zag.

  4. I found the Christmas QAL unit C's really hard going! And I still haven't trimmed them - too worried that they will be undersize or a wonky!

    I like the zig zag block too - I think you are hard on yourself, you always seem to get plenty done and have lots of projects on the go and are willing to get stuck in! More power to your elbow!

  5. Your zig zag block is wonderful! You did get a lot done this week!

  6. seems to me you must have put the time in to accomplish what you did! And yes, those HST take practice to get them right and to line up properly!

  7. Your blocks are fabulous! I really love them, especially your love block :)

  8. I feel tired just reading about all that you have done, keep up the good work Mrs P. x

  9. 'Scuse me? I thought you said you didn't do much? If that's your idea of not doing much, I dread to think what you achieve when you do a lot!

  10. Your zig zag and LOVE blocks look awesome! And your Christmas one is coming along nicely! Keep on truckin'...Before you know it middle of June will be middle of December! lol

  11. Great stuff! I like the red and black zig-zag block...it's so hard to photograph red isn't it.

  12. Seems we all think we never get much done - until we sit back and remember in detail.


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