Garden Week 2

Despite all the rain we have been having things are still coming up in the garden. It’s still wet and muddy, but I braved all the mosquitoes and went in to take a few pictures. The weeds are almost getting out of control, but I am going to try and get at least one section done today!

So let’s start off with what isn’t working.

In addition to the garden being a mucky mess there is also a HUGE red ant problem. I do have bait traps, but it has been too wet. I have some Diatomaceous Earth that I have been putting on all the hills (30+) but that doesn’t seem to be doing the trick.

My basil is getting eaten by something, not sure what to do to help it.
The rest of my herbs have either not come up or died

The tomatoes are starting to look like this. I am sure it means that are missing something, but not sure what. I did buy some tomato “food” but I want it to dry up a bit first before I give them some.

I planted 2 rows of spinach that this is the lone plant that has come up. I don’t think the rest will so once it dries up I will reseed.

In Most of the 10ft rows only half of the row has come up. I think all the rain washed the seeds out since most of what is coming up is all over the place.

Pumpkins and spaghetti squash are dead. I have bought replacements, but one again I have to wait for it to dry out. The butternut squash is not up yet, but hopeful it will be soon

Needless to say the garden is getting off to a very disappointing start this year. We are supposed to get rain for the next 3 days too, which is not going to make things any better!

Okay let’s move onto what is doing well

The onions are doing great despite usually not liking wet soil as are the leeks transplants which really seem to be doing great

The Brussels sprouts are loving being in the garden. Only 2 out of the 10 lived, but that is good enough for me.

The cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli transplants are now thriving in the garden. Their direct sow counterparts still have not sprouted yet. Only time will tell if they are duds or not.

The Pak choi is finally starting to come up. There is a lot of chick weed in this part of the garden so I hope it will survive

Potatoes are happy in the wet, but I have a feeling they might be all stalk and no potatoes if things keep up like this.

The carrots are not up yet and I am not sure if I should worry or not. The lettuce is only half a row as are the radishes. Once it dries out I will reseed the rest of the row
Lettuce and ant hills


The beet and kohlrabi are not doing that great and you can really tell that the seeds were washed away here. There are a few of each in the row a few of each in-between the rows. However, there is mostly nothing.

Tomatoes are all still alive. I think they hate being this wet and that is the main cause of why I don’t think they are doing well. The peppers and eggplants are also still alive. Some are getting a little frail looking and you just know they need it to dry out.

The zucchini is doing great

The peas and beans are finally doing something.  .  
The soy beans just made their push though the soil over night.

Cucumbers are starting 

 The broad beans are a various stages 

and all the green beans are up No matter what my green beans always do great. 

The peas are a little sporadic as well. I have 6 rows which I think will amount to 3 rows. 

The new garden is doing okay as I mentioned above the squash are dead, but the cabbage and cauliflowers are loving it. But no pictures today!

So there is week 2 in the garden. Not great, but something!


  1. Sorry for your losses, but the successes are looking great. I hope you get some dry, warm weather. My melons were looking horrid until we finally got two warm sunny days in a row, and then they just took off and perked right up.

  2. It seems like every year some things do well and others don't. Hopefully you will get some warm dry weather soon and things will perk up and take off!

  3. I find carrots take three weeks to germinate if I plant them in April, but only a week if I plant them in June. It really depends upon how warm it is.

    Things are looking pretty good for two weeks especially with too much rain. Hopefully your plants will recover from the nasty weather.

  4. I have to think your losses are from too much rain and not enough warmth. I would replant and cover the tomatoes until it is warmer and dryer.

  5. You need some fire ants to kill off your red ants! Or some armadillos to eat them all! (NOT REALLY. Those are problems of a different nature, but they do get rid of red ants!I have so many fire ant blisters on my arms and feet, I would gladly trade you.)
    Are broad beans like what I call Butter Beans or maybe Lima Beans? I don't think I've heard of broad beans.

  6. The diversity of your garden sounds wonderful, tho not having the planted seed come up is disappointing. I have not had space for a garden since the mid 90s and still miss it, everything is in pots and it doesn't allow for many things, Zuchinni doesn't like growing in pots!

  7. I garden in Maine and we have had the same rain and my plants were looking like yours. The sun has been out for a week and everything is looking much better. I hope your plants will do better soon.

  8. Karen-The sun has really helped everything grow!


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