Thursday's Kitchen Cupboard 28/06/2012

Okay week two of my summer kitchen cook book challenge is officially over and week three is starting today. I am having a lot of fun doing this as it is taking a lot of the stress of trying to think of something to make.

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As you may recall last week I was using Anyone Can Cook by Better Homes and gardens. And my lists of recipes to use were:
Thursday Cheese topped Steaks p199 I made my own version of this....which basically wasn’t anything like I made steak and homemade Mac and cheese using penne, cheddar and gruyere...Yes that is bacon on top. I made my own recipe using the bacon grease to make my roux. It turned out GREAT!

Friday- Blackberry glazed pork ribs-p214 ended up eating out
Saturday- in the city
Sunday- Rosemary chicken with vegetable p264- ended up having pizza instead for lunch and then we had a healthy supper of Ice cream with homemade sour cherry topping.
Monday Oriental Pork and Vegetables p255 however I made the Rosemary chicken with vegetable instead. It was pretty good I used Quinoa instead of couscous and tossed the veggies and quinoa together. I also did the chicken on the bbq. It was a tasty meal

Tuesday Burgers p426- ended up having to go to the city for an EEG so we went to Red lobster
Wednesday Pizza on the grill p438: I ended up making the Oriental Pork and Vegetables since we had already had pizza on Sunday. My plan was to mix things up a little buy doing the veggies and pork on the bbq and then making the stir fry. However, with the wind we had I didn’t really want to go outside!

So all in all a good week of eating. As you know I am horrible with actually sticking to the recipes, but I enjoy that so why change. I think for this week I am not going to pair a specific dish with a day, but instead but pick 7 recipes.

My choice for week three is going to be good ole Betty Crocker Cookbook. Growing up my mom had a Betty Crocker cook book and I remember both her and my father using it to make some wonderful meals. When I got older and started making meals for the family I too would turn to the big red book full of yummy food and great explanations. So it only made sense that when I moved out on my own I would have to buy a copy for myself. It took me a few years to remember to do that, but I now own the book and still love it.
My choices for this week are
Spanish Chicken p 158 
Fajitas p 271
Creamy Ham and fettuccine p532 
 Beef Roast and Yorkshire pudding p287
Beer can chicken p266 
New Style Pork Chops 302 
Texas T-bones p270

My recipe for the week is going to be my own for Sour Cherry Flambe

1 jar of homemade sour-cherry sundae topping
1/4 c of sugar
1 tbsp flour
1 cap full of triple sec

In a saucepan combine the sugar and flour stir until well mixed. Add the cherry topping and bring to a boil. Add the triple sec and light on fire. Allow to flambe for about a min and then stir down the flames. Remove from heat and let cool for a couple of mins before adding to ice cream.

Have a great day!


  1. Your sour cherry topping looks yummy. After reading Robin's sour cherry recipes and yours, I think we're going to have to try them out!

  2. Jody- it was pretty yummy. I don't like fruit topping on my icecream and ended up adding more on...must have been due to the liquor..LOL

  3. Too bad you didn't make a grilled pizza. It is one of my favorites. Sadly I'm not using the grill much since it is broken and a pain to light now.

  4. You are doing a great job on your cookbook challenge!

    The cherry topping sounds wonderful! I bet I can just take some of that cherry jam and add some triple sec!

  5. Bacon on mac and cheese!! We will have to try that. According to my son bacon is the magic food, it makes everything better!!

  6. Mr. Pickles must be in heaven this week with all that good food! Makes me want to head north!

  7. StoneyAcres:It was really good. After I cooked the bacon I used the bacon grease as the fat to start my roux. I then added a little bacon to the sauce too. It was really tasty and not to baconie

  8. I have not made mac and cheese in ages since the kids left home for college. All your meals look delicious.


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