2012 bee round up

In 2012 I took part in 5 online sewing bees. I had a lot of fun and learnt so much that I can really look back on the year and be happy. Now I am not saying it was all perfect quite a few of the things I learnt were negatives, but it helped me grow as a person and a quilter and for that I am thankful.  I hadn’t done a post showing you all the blocks I got back so I figured why not today.

January was We Bee Learning group one and two I have shown a few times. This was my first time hosting a bee and I wasn’t really sure what I was getting myself into. For the most part it was stress free as long as everyone was making their blocks...lol I felt like I really got to know the ladies in the bee the most since like me the majority of them had blogs and liked to post on flickr quite a bit!
What did I learn from this bee? Well I learnt that what my idea of a certain colour is not everyone else’s. The first block on the left in the last row was what my idea of what the group one quilt would look like, but that wasn’t exactly how is ended up. This was a very important lesson that all new bee’s fall victim to. I still love the quilt and will use it, but it was a good lesson to learn.

International Stashes I requested a carpenter wheel in various colours. 

In this group there were only 11 of us so I still have to make one more block for myself. This bee really challenged me since in my mind there really wasn’t one easy block! This was good and bad. Good since I made blocks that I would have NEVER thought I could make and succeeded at making them. Although I would dread every month thinking it would be too hard once you took a look at the pattern even the hardest looking block was pretty easy! The bad was that some of the blocks were HUGE and more than one was requested on a few occasions. The petty person in me didn’t care for this. I know that makes me a bad person, but I figure a bad person would have bailed since they were being selfish like me and instead I kept at it. For my month I found the biggest block I could for none of the right reasons. Now the block ended up being one a really wanted so it worked out in the end, but this bee taught me a lot about some unpleasant things about myself

Wonky Bee where we sent out fabric I created a little starburst block for them to make.  The missing block is mine since the charm pack only had enough fabric for 11 of these. I think I will do a block to tie them all together, but not sure on that yet

I learnt a lot of wonky techniques in the bee and really enjoyed getting the fabric in the mail every month. However, it was quite a bit more expensive for me to take part in this bee. For my month the block I had really wanted was going to cost my over 100 to mail out the fabric. So I settled on something else and now I don’t know what I am going to do with it. All the fabric is from the same charm pack, but for some reason it doesn’t seem to work together...LOL

Bee creative I asked for a paint box blocks.  Only 2 ladies sent me blocks the lovely bee mama sent me 4(one missing in this pic) so I am missing 18 blocks. This is a huge disappointment especially since my month was August and I had sent everyone else blocks. I made the choice not to send any more until I got my blocks, but no one ever posted again.

So there you go that is my 2012 bee round up for the blocks people made for me. If I get my butt in gear I will do a post on all the blocks I made.
have a great day


  1. Well you were in enough Bees to have a hive by now! Love all the blocks and I keep forgetting to tell you I like your heart wallpaper this month.

  2. The colour thing can be a harsh leesson, for sure. Good for you for sticking with so many bees. I'm sad to hear that you didn't get all your blocks from beemates. Thanks always so disappointing!

  3. Love your blocks! Too bad about the paintbox, those blocks are wonderful.

  4. Well you obviously learnt a lot (and not all related to quilting) last year, but you have got a lot of great blocks to play with now.

  5. That's a really interesting roundup. Sounds like some of the things you learnt just affirm my decision not to take part in bees.
    I do like your carpenter's star blocks though - will make a lovely quilt

  6. That is too bad that some bee members didn't do their part. That just isn't right. I so like the carpenter's star blocks and am looking forward to seeing that one finished.

  7. The color/pattern/style preferences do seem to have different definitions don't they? The weird thing is that I was so faithful about getting blocks done but I haven't done the block from my own month!

  8. Love your bee blocks... I am sorry to hear you paintbox bee went so poorly. :( Hugs and Can't wait to see your projects all finished.

    1. PS.. You could set those Wonky BLocks with a solid Cream sashing and it would make a great baby quilt maybe for a little girl (just an idea).


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