Bye Bye Penny!

Okay it has been way to long since I had a real post! I kind of got out the blogging mode while on vacation and then I just don’t know what happened to the past week!! I seemed to have misplaced it and have no idea what I did.... okay well I had 600 posts to catch up on and I skimmed though every darn one of them. I posted on a few, but for the most part I just skimmed in Google Reader. I know I could have just marked them all as read, but I didn’t want to miss

How now I am all caught up and ready to start posting again. I have a big finish to show you tomorrow that I am OH SO HAPPY about! I will be posting more on that tomorrow. For today I thought I would just write about a little piece of Canadian history.

Yesterday was the last day that the Canadian Mint distributed pennies. 

Yep that’s right the penny will no longer be used in Canada! The penny was first issued back in 1885 and last year the government decided that it was just too expensive to make and had no real use anymore. They say there are upwards or 30 billion pennies are in circulation at this moment and they will still be accepted as payment, however stores will not be handing them out and will be rounding to the nearest nickel. As businesses collect the pennies they will send them back to the mint to be melted down into scrap metal. For more information check out this link

So that is it Good Bye Penny may you rest in piece


  1. As a former bank employee that worked at the branch level for many a year and rolled a few billion of them I say about time:)

  2. Hello again :)
    Looking forward to your big reveal.

  3. I'm glad you're back, and am looking forward to the big reveal.

  4. I wish they would get rid of the penny in the US. It costs the government way too much to keep it going.

  5. Australia got rid of the 1c piece many years ago. You quickly adapt. Everyone knows that 1 and 2, 6 and 7 cent increments get rounded down and the others up. I hadn't realised the reason for it was that it cost the govt so much to produce them.


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