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I have had the honour to be nominated for the Liebster Award  twice in the past few weeks. I thought I would take the time to thank Danielle and Katie on my blog for being so darn kind!! 


The Liebster award has been going around blogland for awhile although no one really know who started it. Liebster” Is a German word meaning dear, sweet, kind, nice, good, beloved, lovely, kindly, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome. It is an award given by bloggers to other bloggers that have seen the above qualities in your blog. 

As some of you may recall I have gotten in trouble nominating people for this award before so what I am going to do is answer both Danielle's and Katie’s questions and then invite you to check out some of the blogs in my blog list. Click on one you haven’t ready before and check them out.

Danielle's Questions were

1) What was the last book your read?  Right now I am reading the Game of Thrones Series. Just started book 3
2) Where was the last restaurant you went out to eat at - and why/with who. I went to Earls with my husband. We wanted the dynamite shrimp rolls
3) Have you ever painted your toe nails? yes I usually always have them painted some shade of pink
4) What is your favorite quote? "the greatest gift you'll ever learn is just to love & be loved in return" Nat King Cole
5) What is your favorite song? Oh I have A LOT of favourtie songs way too many to list. Although born in the 80's I am a big fan of music from the 50's-70's.

Katie's Questions were:

1. Biggest quilt inspiration? I get a lot of my inspiration from blogs
2. Favorite spot to get away? I would say anywhere in Europe
3. Why do you blog? Its a nice way to get all the extra thoughts out of my head
4. What is one thing from earlier in your life that you wish was still available today? My
5. Favorite TV show? Big Bang Theory
6. Favorite place to get fabric? Connecting Threads
7. What are your thoughts on scraps? I have a lot, but don't use enough
8. Where do most of your quilts end up? as gifts to family
9. Favorite time of year? Christmas
10. What are you most proud of in your life? This is a hard one, right now I am at a point where I don't feel I have anything to be proud of in my life. I am sure there are a bunch, hopefully I will remember them. Maybe I will make a list and put it somewhere to remind me
11. What kind of quilting helper do you have? Mr. P is my quilting helper. He goes to quilt stores with me, helps me pick fabric  gives me positive feed back when I beat myself up and fixes the sewing machine when I am sure I have broken it

Thank you to Danielle and Katie for nominating me for such a thoughtful award! I hope that you go and check out their blogs and and I just know you will enjoy your time over there.


  1. Ms Pickles -- I didn't realize you were a child of the 80's, no wonder I always seem to be able to relate to the things that you are talking about. As we have discussed in the past Moulin Rouge is my favorite movie and that is one of my favorite quotes. I am a Big bang Junkie. I seem to have found my Canadian counterpart -- thanks for participating. I'm going to pop over and Visit Danielle's blog

  2. I just loved reading this!!!
    80s?? Same here - did not realize that! :)
    Umm ... Sounds like we three have some things in common!! :)
    Thanks for playing along!! :)


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